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Friday, May 14, 2010

On Notice

You know, after the recent primaries, with incumbents being tossed out like 3 day old fish and the Democrats losing one thing after another, there are several inured, life-time politicians wondering how they can stop this avalanche that they started with voting FOR TARP without giving up one bit of political capital. In two words, you gutless wonders, YOU CAN'T!

With Bennet, an incumbent Republican from Utah, losing his state's primary, the Republicans have been put on notice. The Tea Party is not about POLITICAL PARTIES, it's about smaller government, less taxes, and a government that does what the hell the Founding Fathers wrote down in the Constitution, not what some freaky face job addict in Napa Valley tells them they want the Constitution to say.

Then the reporters who haven't known what to do with words that really mean something or politicians saying things that you can understand get cut to the knees by Chris Christie in New Jersey when they call him combative because he calls chumps chumps. Thin skinned... god I laughed with such joy when I saw that video clip. I think I am intellectually in love with governor Christie.

We have a government that has quadrupled the deficit in ONE FREAKIN YEAR. All of the Democrats who cried and blubbered when Bush was in office over War Spending spent seven times more on bailouts and buying votes than Bush ever thought of doing in his 8 years in office. In one freakin year.

Unemployment is now at European levels and Obama wants to keep trucking around trying to sell a bill he's already signed and may now have to repeal because it increases the budget by $115 billion.

And they sit around calling us terrorists, blaming islamo-fascist bombings on Patriotic Americans and then trying to find a way to keep us from voting.

Talk on about it, form committees, write papers. By the time you take your heads out of your own asses to see which way the wind is blowing, we will have blown your asses out of the office with a click at the voting booth.

I'm reminded of the WWI song about trying to keep the boys on the farm when they've been to Gay Paree. I hope they miss Washington, D.C. and the power. And I hope Americans never forget this and never allow their ilk into office again.

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