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Friday, May 14, 2010

Be Careful What You Ask For

So anyway, I was watching The B-Side over at BreitbartTV today... you know, as you do, and Scott Baker, one of the hosts, was alone today, without his Sidekick Liz Stephans (she was AWOL I heard, or was it AOL, nevermind) and he was going on about a piece they ran Wednesday afternoon about the billboard and viral video at YouTube called I Need A Freakin Job made by two brothers in Buffalo who host a website.

Anyway, the Baker Brothers, Jeff and Scott.. oh snap... Scott Baker, there can't possibly be another one, must be that Breitbart guy! OMFG! Let me go post it on my blog! And be sure to do that before you've even looked up the bios on the Baker Brothers or Scott and Liz over The B-Side, because we wouldn't want facts to get in the way of an overblown, sensationally wrong story. Now, would we?

Even after having been shown the wrongness of the story, Karoli over at Crooks and Liars (and who knows these types better than the useful idiots in the Progressive Movement?) they are still trying to find a way for Karoli to be right. Because if everybody is right, then no one is ever wrong. Awwwww, I've got a warm fuzzy... no... wait... that's the Leal's Breakfast Burrito burning through... gimme a minute to find the Febreeze.

Crooks and Liars and their rabid little fanbois are busy ripping into an Andrew Breitbart doll and shaking it around in their mouths have forgotten one thing. You don't really want to be pissing Andrew Breitbart off when your facts are wrong. Because not only will he spank your ass, he will tape it and put it up on all of his websites and send it to Fox News and Glenn Beck as a lesson to other would-be liberal hacks who don't care about the facts. This is the type of guy who calls sitting congressmen liars and backs it up by offering $100,000 to anyone who can prove him wrong.

You stupid little fucks. I live for this shit. You've made me incredibly happy. I shall dine off of your stupidity for at least the weekend before another one of you Alinksy useful idiots does something ever more stupid, like calling Alfonzo Rachel a racist. Now go on and get your head out of Obama's ass. Biden is wanting some face time.

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