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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Observations on Laissez-Faire Capitalism

Today I read an article over at Andrew Breitbart's Big Government website. It reminded me that A) I'm behind in some of the research for my book and B) how boring I thought this stuff was in history and government in school and how I really, now, wish I'd paid better attention.

Between research for the book and listening to different lectures at the Any Rand Institute I've been busy playing catch up and finding prettier ways to describe laissez-faire capitalism rather than saying, "It's common sense, you dolt!" Let's face it, I'm always going to be saying that, even when I'm not. So lately, capitalism has been forefront on my mind, rather than a simmering concept on the back burner.

At this juncture, let me repeat what the above link to Breitbart will tell you, we have not had true laissez-faire capitalism since before Woodrow Wilson, that most evil of all presidents, took office. He quickly ushered in Momma Gubment and the entitlement mentality of the Progressive left. He was a racist idiot who played at being president and I blame him so very much for opening the door we are just now trying to close.

Now, first of all, there are two kinds of businessmen. Those who run their business and those who run to Washington. Only the former is worth a damn. He is the businessman we will speak of here. He is in business to make a buck and relies on his own judgment to run and develop his business. He does not need mirco-management by the government or any other entity. He stands very alone these days in trying to make his business a success. he rarely realizes, truly, how fettered he is by his own honor in doing business.

Businessmen are not in business to make their communities better or show how diverse they are or because they wish to give it all away to an unappreciative, thieving populace who wishes to improve their lives on the sweat of his brow. He is in business to make money by producing a good or service for people who need it and are willing to pay for that product or service. If he can do that successfully, the neighborhood around his factories or offices will begin to improve by his employment of people close to his business who are willing to do work for a fair wage. They will take their wages and buy other goods and services that will improve the lives and communities of the people who make those products and provide those services. Oh my God! That sounds eerily like Trickle Down Economics. Damn, do you mean to tell me they were right about that shit?

However, businessmen are forced into so much government paperwork that they are forced to hire people to take care of that instead of producing anymore. They have to pay payroll taxes, unemployment taxes, taxes on the income of the business as well as property taxes and if they own the property they do business from, state and local taxes so some illegal alien can squirt a baby at the border and live here for the rest of their lives on welfare and food stamps. Every business has some kind of regulation of some kind. Why? Let me 'splain.

Business men are regulated because of the businessmen who run to Washington. These are the guys who are not successful without some kind of corporate welfare. So they running to their congressmen, whining and butt-sore because they can't make it because Real Businessman is making a better mousetrap and no one wants to buy their poor quality mousetrap that simply doesn't work. So they make it so they can make a cheaper, knock-off version of the Real Businessman's mousetrap. See, this way they have their "chance" and business without having to really work for it or come up with a real, new idea.

I say, let the market decide. Keep government out of it completely. Why do we have so many, stupid labor laws? Because DC Businessmen deal with everyone dishonestly and government had to go in and leash the good guys along with their cronies, so that they could "be fair". A Real Businessman knows that he keeps quality employees by paying them a good wage for the jobs they do. You can do that by culling the whining deadwood who don't want to work but want to be paid for not working. The market will soon tell them that they will have to work or starve. As I like to say, the world needs ditch diggers, too.

Businessmen of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your useless regulations and onerous paperwork and taxes.

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