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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Foreclosure? Blow Up Something!

In the lamestream media they have now come up with yet another way to deny Faisal Shahzad is an Islamo-Fascist Terrorist... apparently he wanted to blow up Times Square because his house was being foreclosed upon.

Excuse me? Run that by me again, because my Bullshit Meter Klaxon was screaming. I'm sure it was just a test. Now, hit me.

His house was being foreclosed upon because the idiot made 21 trips home to Pakistan in the past 3 years to attend Terrorist Training Camp. Evidently they're like cheerleading camps in Texas, on all the time.

How much is a round trip ticket to Pakistan? Times how many trips? How much was his mortgage, that he probably got through Fanny Mae, being an immigrant and all... so how much ahead on his mortgage would he be is he had used all that trip money to pay on his mortgage and pay up on the principle? My thought is he's probably be half-way through and on his way to an early pay-off because a lot of those trips included his oppressed wife and children.

So forgive me if my Bullshit Meter is now screaming with the thought that not being able to pay his mortgage is what drew Mr. Shahzad to try to blow up an SUV in Time Square. Let me reset it again.

The Progressive Liberals are turning themselves into pretzels to keep from saying the T-word. Terrorist. Much less Islamic Terrorist. Contessa Brewer, on a radio show last weekend stumbled all over herself trying not to say Muslim or Islam when stating she wished it had been a Tea Party member who had set the bomb off. Dammit, Contessa, why are they really islamo-fascists and not the Conservative Tea Baggers like you've been trying to portray? Who the hell is going to believe you if it really keeps being islamo-fascists? Damn them for trying to kill us while you try to portray patriotic Americans as "The Real Terrorists".

Now, the question is why do the media do it? In fact, why is Robert Gibbs at the podium at the White House continuing to paint the Tea Party members as the extremists and practically throwing tantrums worthy of two year olds when it is always islamic extremists trying to kill us and NOT Patriotic Americans exercising their First Amendment Right to speak their minds?

I will tell you why. It's because they desperately need for conservatives to be the bad guys. It's the only way they will win elections come November. However, the rub? The Islamic Fundamentalist Extremists continue to try to kill Americans. It's not Americans trying to kill Americans. Not even in the case of Faisal Shahzad. Talk about astro turf. Apparently he became an American citizen just to pull off this Time Square heist. He spent more time in Pakistan after getting his American Passport. Follow those dots Katie Couric.

Not helping the Obamaists is the fact that a Federal Judge saw through their plans when trying to paint some gun nuts as Militia nuts. So, as we watch their playbook fly apart in the wind of reality, they will keep flapping their arms, screaming that it's all American's fault, NOT the real terrorists, I mean Islamic Bunny fluffers. Damn, I keep forgetting.

Yeah, also, if any of you islamo-fascists wish to greet me and discuss the bankruptcy of your religious vision, bring it on. I live in the buckle of the bible belt. We have a mosque in an old FINA station and a just opened Muslim School here. I'm so ready to talk to you. Oh, and bring your guns. We like them here in Texas. Drive friendly!

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