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Friday, May 07, 2010

How To Treat The Bullies On the World Playground

Why do we, the most powerful nation in the world, constantly cow-tow and bow down to nations less powerful than we are? Why do we let Iran and North Korea bully us around? Hang on tight, baby, I'm about to show you the virtue of self-interest and the lie that is altruism. Strap in and get a cold beverage. I'm Sev, and I will be driving your bus today.

Ever since Ronald Reagan left office, I have not felt secure within the borders of my own country. Yeah, both Bush presidents were not exactly pacifists, but they were conciliatory. Every state department hack has the "oh, appease them!" attitude if they haven't actually gone native already. Now, the shitwits in the Obama admin are thumbing their noses at Israel, our ONLY ally on that side of the playground. Stupid is as stupid does, according to Forrest Gump. Evidently Obamites have taken that lesson to heart and are doing stupid as only they can.

Let's look at the dictionary definition of altruism:

Main Entry: al·tru·ism
Pronunciation: \ˈal-trü-ˌi-zəm\
Etymology: French altruisme, from autrui other people, from Old French, oblique case form of autre other, from Latin alter
Date: 1853
1 : unselfish regard for or devotion to the welfare of others
2 : behavior by an animal that is not beneficial to or may be harmful to itself but that benefits others of its species

I just want to point out here that animals do not EVER display altruism in the wild or in captivity. Every biological instinct is for self-preservation. All the time. I want to point that out because sometimes you have to look at the source of your information to make sure they are getting it right. Most times, sadly, they are not. I decided to keep that part of Merriam Webster's definition, to show you that even research sources are now polluted with the progressive liberal anthropomorphism of animals, rocks, flowers, etc.,.

Now, altruism is wrong, wrong wrong. It's an obscene notion and I have no idea how it got be a moral standard, in fact, the highest moral standard. Telling your child to give his favorite toy to a child who has no toy should give me the right to punch you right in the face in front of your child so that they know to never accept such stupidity on your part ever again. It will only make your child resentful of that other child, in eventually, anyone in need.

Does this mean I think that we should not help people who are in need? No, I regularly donate money, time and items to charitable organizations. By my choice and only, get this, ONLY because it makes ME feel good to do so. I would not do it otherwise and I am damned picky about who I give to. Keep coming back with your hand out and I won't know you any longer. As a nation, we should NOT be giving away tax dollars to people who are pursuing our destruction. I don't think we should be using US tax dollars to bail anyone out of anything. However, if you decide to give money to a charitable organization to help survivors of a natural disaster, then go ahead, it's entirely UP TO YOU. But don't do it out of feelings of guilt for not having been harmed by the natural disaster. That is wrong. Just because you were on the other side of the world when that volcano blew, and you didn't lose any sleep over it, should not be any reason for you to feel guilt. Do I feel guilty because someone in Paris got robbed on the street yesterday and I didn't? Hell, no.

America must be that way. We must recognize other countries for what they REALLY are, not what some progressive liberal wants them to be with butterflies and unicorns. Diplomacy is make believe. Trust me on this. Diplomacy is just another way we tie ourselves in knots to avoid the bullies on the playground.

If Iran wants to fuck with us, go ahead. But I can guarantee you, if I were in charge, it wouldn't happen again. Had I been in the Oval Office when Jimmy "Appeasement at All Cost" Carter, I would have nuked and paved Iran after I'd gotten our people out of our Embassy in Tehran. It can be done, don't let any waffling pantywaist tell you otherwise. DO NOT COMPROMISE YOUR PRINCIPLES EVER. Take care of yourself first, others later. If we had slapped the crap out of Iran after their theocratic revolution, Saddam Hussein, and Palestinian terrorists would never have gained as much as they have today. You know why no one fucks with Israel? Because they will fuck you up right back. We have been holding that leash and not allowing them to do what needs to be done, in the name of diplomacy.

Appeasement is the pretense that we have no enemies and only the possibilities of friends with unicorns, kittens and ponies. It never works and we should have learned from Neville Chamberlaine and Hitler in the 30's. Appeasement is a tool used by a schoolboy with the playground bully. It's ridiculous to think that it will work on the world stage. If you honestly think that appeasement will work with a mugger with a gun in his hand, demanding your wallet... go try that sugar. I'll let you know how it works if you wake up in ICU.

Do not sanction your destroyers. I don't recognize Iran's authority to look down on me or judge me, considering it is moral in their country to behead women for running out to the market to pick up spices for dinner. Until they respect ALL life, I don't see them as anything more than predators on the plain who must be kept in check to keep ME safe. The moment I allow them legitimacy of any kind, I am saying that they have equal moral footing with me. They don't. I give them NOTHING. I do not respect bullies or murderous thugs. Until they begin to operate on anything remotely resembling morality, then perhaps I will look at them again. Perhaps when they begin treating women as equal human beings with all the rights inherent therein, then maybe I will listen to what they have to say. Perhaps, when they stop throwing temper tantrums, demanding the death of anyone not like them, then perhaps I will say they have a right to be heard.

However, at that point, I doubt we will be having any further problems with Iran. And they will no longer be screaming for death, destruction and hatred.

Folks, you have to realize, whether they are Progressive liberals or religious zealots (I see no difference, to tell you the truth, they are all delusional) they are all opposed to liberty. For us, for them, for anyone.

Now why should we talk to anyone like that? Ever. Slap them back, knock them down, show them nothing but slight regard and disdain. If they aren't showing any respect for me and my beliefs, why should I even recognize that they are at the table, much less exist? Besides, government based on religion is beyond stupid, and we realized that long ago. We had an enlightenment, Islam did not.

So how should we react to atheists? Ignore them completely until they get cheeky, then react quickly and decisively. Do not apologize, do not even recognize that it caused you any effort. React, and move on, because they simply do not exist for us. Every time Kim Jong Il or Fidel Castro get a little feisty and decide they want to cause some trouble because they are feeling a little limp in the dick and want to feel what it was like to have a hard on... kick them in the nuts and walk on. You do it enough times and they will eventually come to heel. If they keep up, nuke and pave. And when I say nuke, I don't mean literally (except in the case of Iran, but they really brought that on themselves). It's a computer tech term meaning wipe and reload the OS. Start out with a clean slate/registry. Preferably in our own image of democracy and respect for life, love for life.

We do this without going to the UN (which is an organization of professional prostitutes with tax dollars) or any other single country. We do this based on our own judgment and a strong knowledge of our own worth and our own minds. We do not need Zimbabwe telling us how to handle Iran. Hell, they can't even stop tribal warfare in their own borders, how the hell can they decide what other countries should do with each other? We do NOT need their approbation or input. The seeking out of others opinion shows that we are insecure and inferior. It shows the animalistic bullies that we will bend over the talks table and spread them wide. It tells them that we won't tell them to lube up, either. To put it crudely, liberals may enjoy taking it hard and dry up the tailpipe, however, I don't and won't. I need wooing, dinner, wine, flowers, and a reach around. And trust me, honey, you don't satisfy me, my self-interest, and you will not get another date. And I'll tell all the other girls what a selfish pig you are. And I'll post it on MyFaceTube page.

I'm not giving it up to satisfy YOU. I'm going to enjoy it, or I will make damned sure you don't. That is in my self-interest. It's in the interest of both parties to keep each other satisfied, but only in an equal give and take. I cannot take my enjoyment without giving the same back. Anyone who tells you that you should, slap them, hard. And walk away. America should not bend over any table. America is the siren, the allure of what everyone wants. America is the seductress. I'll be damned if she's going to be a low rent rendezvous for some thug in a back alley. No, she's a lady who knows her worth. You will have to pay, but you will never, ever get anything better anywhere else. And it's in her self interest to do keep it that way. However, it's our best interest to keep her satisfied so that we can continue to enjoy our lifestyle. If it's in my best interest to punch out a guy who is harassing her, then I will do it. Because I know my reward will be the feeling of safety in my own home, my own country. I will be left free to determine my own success or failure. But it will be my choice, my decision. Success is in my self-interest and in America's.

Besides, I always enjoyed the odd playground fight.

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