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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Well... huh...

Ever have that deflated feeling of complete and utter waste? If you have then you've obviously tried to have a medical procedure performed in a non-traditional, non-hospital setting. Yes. Today's subject is.... TORT REFORM! This will show how brilliant I am in knowing exactly who to hate for the world not working exactly to my specifications. In this even see section 11000 General Medical Equipment and Bitching.

We are now a month in to scheduling my shoulder surgery which has to be reset because my doctors are so busy covering their asses from a possible law suit, that I am actually receiving no care whatsoever... which is the REAL problem with current medical care. I'm two and a half years into frozen shoulder syndrome, and with my diabetes my doctors are playing the odds that they can dither this out until my shoulder may resolve in the next two and a half years. Meanwhile, by not treating me by requiring the miraculous to happen (my diabetes being cured overnight) so that they can OK the surgery.

I worked in the law biz for 10 years. Just being a legal assistant gives you a special express pass to the wonderland that is hell for all the lying you do... for the attorneys you work for. These sleaze bags are the reason that I cannot get my doctors off the dime and stop canceling my surgery 10 hours before I'm due to have it. What the hell is one more blood test going to tell them? Clotting time? Guess what, doc, that was clearly on the pre-surg panel you already ordered 3 weeks ago. Do you honestly think that in the past two weeks wherein I have been off aspirin that suddenly I've become a hemophiliac? I was barely able to get a drop of blood for my glucose testing before it would clot BEFORE that. But they will not be moved, because very oily malpractice attorneys stand behind the ambulance, ready to pounce. THEY are the reason medical care is so expensive and so ponderous.

Do I think Obamacare is going to make this magically go away? Perhaps. Because if I were a doctor I would say Obama made me deny care based on their formula to ensure care for all and they should sue the government, only, you can't sue the government. Since most lawyers go into politics, is this any great surprise?

I am having the procedure done at an out-patient surgical center run by surgeons who would like to make a buck while they do it, so they refuse to do this until the ONLY doctor who isn't treating my shoulder Ok's everything. They are just covering their asses doing their due diligence. Does it matter that everything I've done shows that I am? No. We must do due diligence twice because our attorneys tell us you are the enemy and therefore we must guard against actually treating your for anything that might be actionable. You are litigious. It doesn't matter that you've never filed a law suit against a doctor, but that just means that statistically, you're due.

So anyway, I go to do the damned blood test tomorrow and will laugh when yet another "pre-op" necessity is found. Perhaps I'll have to cough up a lung, only to be told I'm too unhealthy to have the surgery.

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