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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Retrench, MoFo! It's a Word! Do You Know It?!

After waking up to news that Dems held back a report on the true cost of health care under Obamacare for a month, and seeing Ole Big Ears getting up and telling ME that I need to pay more taxes... folks, I am ready to go Old Testament, Samuel L. Jackson on the Tax and Spend Liberals. And no, I have never just complained and not offered alternatives. We all know what the alternatives are, but the Progressives cannot give up their "charity minorities and poor" to do the right thing for them.

The idea is so simple, and yet no one will want to do it. No one but mean ole me.

First off. Stop spending money. Stop it. Right now. The moment someone whines about it, shoot them. In the head. You're not hurting anything they ever use.

Secondly, cut welfare, unemployment insurance, medicare, medicaid, social security, WIC, and all other programs giving money away to people who have not earned it. That cuts over half the federal budget right there.

Thirdly, cut all pork and ear marks. Period. You wanna argue about it, come on over to my house and talk to me about it. I know I can convince you to shut your whining yap.

Lastly, get rid of the Income Tax. Forever. Then make a constitutional amendment along the lines of when we repealed prohibition. We've repealed things before, we can do it again.

Now, put into effect a VAT, value added tax and you have a self-sufficient country.

First, with income tax eradicated YOU have more of your own money to spend. And, everyone pays taxes. Whether you are here legally or illegally, whether you are within the law or outside its bounds, you will be paying taxes. it's win/win baby.

Now, I am going to tell you something no one has brought up. Get rid of public schooling. This gets rid of over half your property taxes. Parents may either home school their children, and since they won't both need jobs to make ends meet because they are allowed to keep the money they earn. Also, they can pay to send their children to school or hire tutors for those areas where their skills may not be so good.

All because they are allowed to keep their money. However, all the liberal teachers and unions will cry about how they are no longer allowed to indoctrinate our children. Tough noogies, baby. I'll teach my kids, not YOU. You've proven woefully inadequate in the past 40 years. This is your exit review.

Now, will all of these programs and spending gone to the wayside, this will leave tons of government workers without jobs and bloated pensions. Now they get to be like everyone else and earn their keep. Maybe that will keep their whining yaps shut.


Oh, and Alan Simpson, former senator of Wyoming. You disappoint me beyond my ability to verbalize it.

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