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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Coincidence? I Think Not!

As I sat watching the news the past two days, I can say that my pattern finding mind has been blissfully aware of all of the patterns running through the recent environmental "turmoil".

In the past month we have had a cave in at a coal mine in West Virginia that killed 29 cola miners in the worst mining disaster in 40 years. Yesterday, a coal mine in Kentucky caved in and has killed one coal miner, and a second one is missing.

A BP off-shore rig exploded a couple of weeks ago in the Gulf of Mexico. It killed several workers and several more are missing and feared dead.

Earth Day was a week ago and recently Obama declared that off-shore drilling was back on.

I'm sorry, if I can connect the dots, I'm sure you guys got it well before I did. I honestly believe that the eco-terrorists could easily pull this stuff off without crowing all over about it. I believe that they have a few forward thinkers that can function at that level and have the means and opportunity to pull it off.

Ha! Look at me, suddenly I'm Tom Clancy in my conspiracy theories. I should write a book. Oh... wait... I am writing a book. Never mind.

If you think that freaks like ELF or Greenpeace couldn't pull stuff like this off, you have seriously underestimated the other side. Just because they don't think the way we do does not make them stupid.

What better way to get coal production shut down? How many outraged voices will rise up because of the oil slick in the Gulf and demand no more off-shore drilling? At all. Ever. All they had to do was plant charges and wait. I'm serious, it is something I would do if I was seriously deranged and wanted all of mankind living in the Dark Ages.

No, I am really not some conspiracy theorist who has screed all over a room in my basement and watch the Kennedy film over and over again. Number one, I don't have a basement and number two, I really don't care. However, I think that these are some among the Progressive Liberal Front or is it the Progressive Front of Liberals, I can never remember... where was I? Oh, yeah, they are smart enough to know that if these disasters happen, it's easier for them to slide in and demand no more coal mining, no more off-shore drilling, and by the way, we all need to be living in squalor and filth to make these freaks happy.

In doing research for my book, I've come upon some things that show me I am on the right track. I'll give you more information when I've confirmed it. Stay tuned!

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