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Sunday, July 07, 2019

The Left's War on Human Nature

For years I have stated that the main goal of the Left was to deny true human nature. They are at war with true humanity by trying to shape it into some Utopian Ideal that can never exist because... humans gonna human.

The ONLY way anything they dream about can work is if the universe works on puppy kisses and unicorn farts. Human beings don't operate under those fantasies, so humans must be changed. None of this "Well, I guess I'll just have to do it the right way" crap for them. No! They are going to change human beings. Thank you Dr. Raymond Cocteau.

I hope you're sitting down because I am about to reveal the horrible truth about mankind. We are spiteful, ugly things when no one is looking. It's true. We feel horrible things, think horrible thoughts, and then smile when someone walks in the room. We're petty, vengeful, and best of all, lying sacks of shit, for the most part. We would all gladly shiv our own mothers for whatever reward we think we deserve while celebrating Mother's Day and talking about what a wonderful institution motherhood is.

That, My Dear Leftist, is real human.

Leftists don't Human very well.

Here is the other big secret about human beings. We all strive to be better than petty, vengeful fuckers who want to wreck things when they don't go our way. We overcome those urges because we know, in the grand scheme of things, it's not productive and actually harmful to our futures.

You could say it's why we make nice with people who are just flat out assholes and we'd rather put our fist through their stupid faces. Because it's more productive, more profitable to do so. It is, you could say, in our rational self-interest to do so.

The past century has been spent with Lefties and their social engineering, trying to "make man better". Dude, this is as good as we get. We can be noble, but it's usually only under circumstances so horrific we don't want to rinse and repeat those situations so that you can feel better about who you are.

I have spent a lifetime fighting against this sort of shit and now we see it fully manifest before us. This is what you get when you left people who don't want to work for anything and yet bleat on how noble and holy their cause is. You get a generation whose self-esteem was built on lies so they don't bother doing more than repeating lines back to educators, too stupid to fail them because it would reflect poorly on their own teaching skills, producing whining children too stupid to get jobs once they are out of college and crying about being unable to pay back $200K in college loans for their degree in Intersectional Feminist Interpretive Dance. Hey, it took them 12 years to get that bachelor's but what's a couple hundred thou between friends, right?

So, as you look out across the ruined landscape of our educational system, realize that the Millennials are the penultimate of the Leftist Achievement. This is their archetype.

Laugh all you want, but Soy Boi is their ultimate goal.

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