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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes

I have very few people I consider friends. I have a ton of acquaintances, but very few I could call if I was in trouble. Those people are friends.

Today, I learned that I could be as loyal and protective of certain acquaintances as I am of my friends. He's a YouTuber, has a really popular daily live stream and I met him at Anime Matsuri. He wore a painted hockey mask, because his avatar on YouTube and online is one of a faceless consumer. Apropos, as he discusses the lack of professionalism in certain markets and sectors of industry.

Today, he was doxed by three reprehensible... beings. I refuse to name them because they are all clout chasing idiots who like to feel powerful by ruining other people on Twitter. May I insert here that I can't think of anything more pathetic or sad than being such a disgustingly sad person that the ONLY way you can feel good about your existence is to make other people just as miserable as you are.

Yeah, your little troika of thickness only exists because Zoe Quinn provides a lot of shade. Grifters gonna grift.

Today, they "playfully" released his name and employer on Twitter, being so deviously clever. Just about as clever as Jamie Marchi's attorney's cute little anagram in his conclusion on the TCPA petition. Money well spent, you stupid <insert word that rhymes with punt here>.

They have threatened his employment, his child, SWATting, and much more. He's had to retain an attorney just to make sure they don't use institutions.

Yeah, I bet you're asking why. I know I still am.

Because he made a comic book about a pretend adventure with his little girl and he played their game better than they did by their own rules. he pointed out how unprofessional they are, how they treat customers, and how they hate fans.

His wife is ten days from her due date for their second child. He has a five year old daughter. Everything they've done for the past five months has put tremendous pressure on an already high risk pregnancy.

They've been calling the man's employer, trying to get him fired. His car decided to die this past weekend and he's had to buy a new one, all while worrying about his wife and daughter. These people would not relent.

I'm not naming names here. No. I went farming. Reaped the names and other info. Everyone has details. I wonder how clever they'll feel soon.

It's not often I get pissed off to this degree. I've played the internet game too long. Water off a duck's back.

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