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Tuesday, July 04, 2017

State of the Press - Fan Fiction

Happy 241st Independence Day! I've been catching up on news and stuff this week  Why? Because I knew the 4th was coming up and I wanted to see what percolated. And it came up to the following.

Our nation is in great peril. Not because of Trump, not because of Antifa and not because of mean Tweets on the Twatter. It's in peril because our free press, which is supposed to be a check on the government is in bed with the government and they are cupping the balls and swallowing the gravy (thanks for that, Jack Black).

Trump's Tweet showing him beating up Vince McMahon at some Wrestlemania thing, years ago, with the CNN logo overlaid has been decreed the most violent call to action against the American Press. Really, Jim Acosta? Really? I mean, it's not like you guys don't deserve it, frankly I'd punch anyone of you right in your smug face and not feel bad about it at all. None of you merit a moment of sympathy for anything since the last two years have been a non-stop attack on the backbone of America, our middle class and working class.

We have been told, if we don't agree with everything you spew, that we're racist, Nazi, bigoted, Misogynists, Islamophobes who want everyone to die. You harangue us daily to give up to you because you can call names. I don't know where you grew up, but where I come from, kids like you got regularly pummeled on the playground. It was pretty much open season.

You couldn't force us to vote for Hillary so you began deriding our choice of candidate when not outright lying about him, our President. You have raised fan fiction to an art form. You make up shit like the fat Scottish girl at the beginning of the second season of Sherlock with her gay fan fiction explanation of how Sherlock could have survived the fall. Personally, I think all first drafts of any decrees you make about how someone should assassinate the duly elected President of our Nation only comes after you've washed your hands and cleaned your sex toys. Doubt me? Read this.

Some may say I'm overstating it, but honestly I can't see how. All of you in the media seem to spend an inordinate amount of time mentally masturbating to your sick, delusion of killing a man who beat the snot out of the cunt you wanted in office because you'd already curried so much favor with her and the previous guy. There is a phrase, in the vernacular for you and your ilk. It's called "sick fuck". The entire media are sick fucks.

None of you deserve the title of the press. I dare you to go down to Venezuela and say the shit about Maduro that you say about Trump. And then perhaps you'll get a glimpse into the truth about free press in a collectivist regime. The type of regime that Shillary promised you. Not only are you sick fucks, but you're also dumb fucks. You have seen all of the collectivist regimes and you see what they turn the press into, nothing more than propaganda machines and you long for it. Why research and investigate when The State will just tellsyou what to write. Way to completely abdicate all responsibility for living, right?

You laud Kathy Griffin and the production of Julius Caesar wherein Caesar is Trump and is stabbed to death at the end and then you cry, whine, piss and moan when the subject of your infantile stupidity jokes back at you and calls you fake news.

I take issue with Fake News. You're not even that. You can't even rise to that level. You've become nothing more than really bad fan fiction on a Twilight discussion board.

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