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Saturday, August 22, 2015

It's Been A While

So I saw a post on Facebook today that I felt I needed to respond to, because frankly, I'm tired of listening to people who watched Bambi one too many times.

After reading the abject stupidity being spouted at the Trophy Hunting dentist (I despise him for trophy hunting, not because he killed a lion, there is a difference and a distinction) I felt I had to respond in a reasoned manner.

I make a reasoned, logical response to a bunch of whining, emotional people who should be taken out and slapped. I point out their logical fallacy immediately and I expect that even a 5 year old should be able to make the association.  But, no.  Once again, Liberal education rears its ugly head and I'm forced to deal with people who should be standing in a corner eating paste while shitting themselves.

You will note, I'm not even trying to be clever, just state the facts.  They don't care about the facts. Whining and Puling indeed. And in typical Liberal style, they start out telling me what I should and shouldn't do, because, you know, I'm not smart enough to figure it out for myself.

Honestly, they cannot react in any sort of rational manner, it's all emotion with these idiots.  Who the hell never even argues without first looking up the facts?  Here they are if you are blessedly unfamiliar with Cecil the Lion (Jesus, naming a wild animal).
  1. A Detroit dentist trophy huntard filled out all the paperwork the officials in Zimbabwe told him to and hired two guides to help him kill a lion as a vacation.  To each his own.  I don't judge.
  2. The guides, brothers, lured Cecil off the reserve where he lived and lured him to where the huntard was waiting to pop a cap in his ass.  (I can speak in the parlance of the brain dead!)
  3. The American Press immediately glommed on to the story because their chosen, Hillary Clinton had managed to get herself in a bit of e-mail hot water, and in true wag the dog fashion, would not let up on the story until every single person in their idiocracy was foaming at the mouth while chugging Gatorade.
  4. When an AP reporter tried to get outrage on the ground in Zimbabwe there was a big resounding, "What? Who?" and thus the journalist, who had never been trained to be objective because he was taught that you could not be truly objective because you view everything through your own prejudices, didn't know how to react when asked the questions he should have been asking, posted the story and AP touted it as a Page 18 blurb, because the narrative could not fall back on Hillary.
  5. The government of Zimbabwe arrested the two brothers who lured Cecil off his reserve, as well they should.  They did something illegal.
  6. The American Justice Department made a show of trying to hammer the dentist, but they can't really do anything because he broke no laws.  He was not the one to lure the lion off he reserve, his guides did.
Let me be crystal clear here, I don't condone or even like the idea of trophy hunting.  It reeks of penis measuring and I am secure that mine is always bigger,  Not a superiority complex, it's just confidence in ones self. Something those libtards who responded might want to take a bite out of.

The people didn't even know that the dentist couldn't be prosecuted or "deported to Zimbabwe".  That's how amazing, horrifically ignorant these people are.  They weren't aware that the country of Zimbabwe makes a lot of money and GDP from big game hunting by foreigners to keep their wild animal population under control.  As you can see, one pea brain there blames hunters for the animals killing Humans when regular prey is scarce.  One even misunderstands the term Apex Predator.  To be honest, I laughed my way through reading the ignorant vitriol being heaped upon my person by these mental midgets.  One has to wonder how they manage to dress and feed themselves.  From the looks of things, they've forgotten how to breathe for themselves for too long at several points in their lives.

My religion was called into question and then of course, the emotional plea, did I know what happened to the buffalo.

Come on folks, if you are an adult and don't know that, you are perhaps the biggest moron on the planet.  The self-hatred, ignorance and abject, mouth drooling stupidity illustrated in just this one post disgusts me.  I believe we will have to totally write off all GenXers and Millenials as TSTL and move along, trying to teach youth logic, reason and that you don't fucking name wild animals.

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