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Monday, September 08, 2014

That Still, Small Voice

A nice gentleman recently posted a picture that produced an almost Pavlovian response in me because it appears so bloody obvious to me that I'm amazed other people don't see it and recognize it immediately.  I'm like Mugatu at his fashion show screaming at people, demanding if they're on Crazy Pills.  This is what the caption to the photo of a young woman in Ukraine says:
"I'm afraid of everything. I've been reading psychology books to try to figure out why. Logically, I know everything is fine. I know that I'm only twenty, and I have so many blessings and advantages. Yet I'm afraid I haven't accomplished enough yet. I'm afraid of the future. Afraid of getting older. Afraid of being alone. Afraid of having a child. And afraid of the dark. I'm really, really afraid of the dark."
I went beyond my acquaintance's observation that the woman needed to immediately emigrate to Boston, San Francisco or Austin, or create a place called Froston for all disenfranchised Libtards and grasped at the obvious, salient point of the woman's quote.
The fear that libs are feeling right now is that very soon they will no longer be able to hide their heads in the sand and ignore reality. You can ignore reality, but sooner or later reality will not ignore you and you will have to face up to all the half-said, euphemistic, and outright lies you've built your psyche on and once the bright light of day refuses to let you ignore it and you will see everything you've really "supported".

The niggling fear is the beginning of your conscious mind realizing the BS you've swallowed your entire life. The restlessness and nervousness comes from you trying to pull the wool back over your conscious mind so you don't have to deal with it. Only now you cannot because a huge rift is torn between what really is and what you need to believe to keep your mind intact.

The final step is when you look into the abyss and realize the abyss is all the lies you've believed in and screamed about your entire life. The next thing you know you're Jim Taggart bent over a torture machine screaming with the sure knowledge that you really are the nothing you've tried to become.

How's that for a psych minor? Just 3 more credit hours and I could be manipulating minds for profit!
 I have touched on this theme several times over the years on this very blog. It's the feeling that people get who cannot accept reality and build their own safe place their minds can run to despite what they see and hear.  No matter how much you hide from reality, your conscious mind knows what is real.  You can pretend, day dream, outright lie in order to insulate yourself from reality but it's there and your conscious mind knows it.  You build walls to keep yourself from it, but it's always there battering at the wall.

How do I know this as sure as I know my name and Social Security number?  Because I have a mother who has spent every moment of her life hiding from reality and her mind has retreated as far as it can go and the result is dementia. My sister and I deal with this daily and see how corrosive it is when you try to deny what is in favor of what you want to be.  Reality cannot be denied and you will pay its price despite everything you do to avoid it.  Reality will not be denied.

The edginess and anxiety our young are exhibiting is a huge sign.  For every kid on Ritalin, for every adult on Xanax you have a fluffy little wall that will not stand against the barrage of reality. Just think about it, every time you ignore the harm of Welfare, every time you ignore the fact that global warming does not exist, that we cannot control the weather, that our politicians lie to us continually and we keep voting them into office, that every policy of the past 50 years has done nothing but tear away at the fabric of our society, you are hiding from reality, no matter how much you screech and cry and post stupid comments online.

The more harpie-like people get in their attempt to hide from reality, the more it seeps in.  The more it hits them in the pocketbook, the more they quiet down.  Think of all the screechers for more government control of everything.  And then seeing them getting tear gassed or pepper sprayed by more government.  I mean seriously, does the comedy just keep writing itself?  Some days it is the only thing that gets me through.  The fact that they never identify it with themselves is so telling.

When you think about it, mental dissonance is caused by our attempts to hide from reality.  Personally, mine is caused by the fact that it's illegal to slap idiots when identified in reality.  They really need to lower the threshold for assault.

Think about it today.  Mull it over.  Let it percolate.  The let me know what you come up with.

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