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Monday, August 18, 2014

Beyond Ferguson Missouri

I've spent the past week listening and reading about the news from Ferguson, MO.  I don't want to get into the weeds because it's all speculation about this kind of thing until the Fat Lady sings.  However, ever after the incisive and through provoking news articles and blogs I've read, no one has touched on the main thing that drives me crazy about incidents like this.

Wanton destruction of private property.

As I watched news footage and camera phone videos of the looting, pillaging, arson and stupidity going on in Ferguson, I was disgusted by everything I saw.  And folks, it wasn't just happening on one side of the police barricades. I saw people destroying the neighborhoods they lived in on the very flimsy excuse of outrage over the death of a person evidently nobody knew, but claimed as a close friend or relative once the spoils were to be divided.  I also saw the police tear gas and then destroy the equipment of an Al Jazeera news crew.  I'm not a big Al Jazeera fan.  I think all of them should be sent back to J school with my sixth grade teacher (trust me on this, you did not misbehave in that woman's class).  They did not deserve what they got from the policemen who got a little too full of themselves and put themselves against the law and forgot their mission is to protect and serve the public.

The citizens of the neighborhood where all of this looting was going on live in that neighborhood.  Those small businesses and shops they were robbing and then setting on fire are more than likely owned by their own neighbors trying to make ends meet while still managing to employ some of the people who live there.  The people in this neighborhood are cannibals, eating themselves while screaming outrage over something most of them are barely aware happened.  There were shop owners who defended their property with firearms and the Left was outraged!  How dare they protect their stores and inventory with force when the people of Ferguson are so oppressed and angry.  Just give them what they want and they will like you and go away.  Because nothing excites a Progressive Liberal quite like rolling over on their backs and peeing on themselves.  They really don't get self-preservation at all.  Because death and destruction are all they believe in, they just don't get that yet.

The police should protect us, right?  How did that work out for Ferguson, again?  Yeah, get back to me on that, will you?

Don't get me wrong, people have the right to be outraged. They have the right to rage and scream and protest.  What they DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO is to destroy the property of others while they do it.  Right Occupiers?  You never see a TEA Party protest that local municipalities have to pay to clean up after.  They usually leave it in better shape than they found it.  These people?  Destruction is their motivating reason for living.  They are angry at the world for being alive and so they seek the death and destruction of themselves and everything around them.  They want to die and take YOU with them.

Doubt me?  Drugs?  Promiscuous sex?  Subsistence living off the state?  Living in filth, squalor and despair and hating everyone who gets out of it?  Their entire childhood is spent in the soul killing public school system and the rest of their lives is in a mad seeking for release from their intolerable lives as ballot cattle.

See?  That's the insidious nature of the welfare state.  Making something dependent on you, totally, never allowing them to seek any kind of independence of thought or action steals the soul and leaves a willing slave that does exactly what it's told to do. What happens to the people of these ballot cattle communities that try to better themselves, try to get ahead?  They are named Uncle Tom's (for a reason that completely escapes me as Uncle Tom was a hero doing the right thing, so I guess they are right) and sell-outs and race haters.  See Bill Cosby and what happened to him when he merely mentioned that black men should raise their kids and keep it in their pants.

Look at all of the hate and discontent spewed by the Left at Black Conservatives.  Looks like those uppity blacks went and got independent and we all know the Democrats have been trying to re-enslave blacks since Republicans won a war to free them in the mid-19th century.  But, if you want to see the real results of Liberal Policies and Ghettos of Despair look no further than Detroit or New Orleans after Katrina.  Do you want to know the real reason Libs foam at the mouth and blame Bush?  Because when their ballot cattle had to leave Nawlins and headed elsewhere, the results of their disastrous policies became clear to anyone who could see. They have trained entire generations to depend on them, knowing they would never do anything for these people to better their lives.  I'm sorry, a new playground at the projects is not doing anything for these people.  It's just a new place to sell drugs and have thugs hang out drinking their 40s while trying to build street cred.

The first thing the people who fled from Nawlins wanted, upon entering Texas as their EBT cards.  FIRST THING.  They didn't ask about them, did not ask about forms or availability, no, they were screaming.  How do I know? I was one of the people they screamed at while I was donating food, water, bedding and clothing.  What I saw was generations of people who have been dependent on their Massah Gubmint and could not function without Massah telling them what to do and where to show up and what forms to sign where before pulling a lever for folks that would leave them more and more dependent on Massah.  They waiting in Nawlins waiting for Massah to come save them.  When they found out that in Texas you have to work to get benefits, they didn't stay long. I know of two women, bleeding heart liberals who never, ever want to deal with that type of person again because it completely destroyed all illusions they held about helping people and them being appreciative.

So you have an entire city in Missouri who have found out what getting whipped by Massah is like.  They have been sucking on the government teat for so long that when that underpinning was ripped out from under them, they could not function as human beings and reverted to an animal state, foaming at the mouth, aggressive, incoherent.  If you doubt me, I encourage you to watch the videos again.  Then, they turned on their own, destroying their own neighborhoods.  Who do you want to bet will be the first to get in front of cameras demanding Massah Gubmint come repair their wanton destruction?

And I am going to be mean here.  Do not help them.  Do not donate one thin dime to assist them in cleaning up the mess they have made.  Make them rebuild their own neighborhoods, their own communities.  Do you want to know why they are so reckless in destroying everything around them?  Because they have never been taught to appreciated their own lives as something precious, so respect for their own property and the property of others does not flow from that self-respect that one achieves through independence.  That is how they can easily rob the stores they work at part time and burn it down.  Then cry in front of the cameras about their loss of income after the smoke clears.

Progressive Liberalism is to blame for everything that is happening in Ferguson, MO.  I'm not going to be Glen Beck and get out a chalkboard and start drawing lines back to Cass Sunstein.  I think it's pretty damned obvious to anyone who doesn't want to hide from the truth.  At the end of the day the people will moan and cry about what's happened to their own community and they will blame everything outside for it and never acknowledge that their worst enemy is themselves.  They allowed this to happen, and in most cases, made it happen.  Because it would all be replaced by Massah Gubmint when they ruined it all through their own stupidity. It won't matter to them that they ruined shops and local businesses of their own neighbors.  It won't matter to them that they burned down their own homes.  Because they are so entrenched in being the victim they will never acknowledge to themselves or anyone else how culpable they are in their own destruction. 

And that's just how the Libs like them.

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