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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Diabetes and STFU

Having a chronic disease that is as misunderstood as is Diabetes Mellitus is much like having a new baby.  There is no end to the people willing to tell you that you're doing it all wrong and that they know better how to treat your disease.  A disease that you live with every single day of the rest of your life.  Every. Single. Day.

In just the past two weeks I have had several (more than four, but fewer than ten) tell me that I did not have to take insulin and that I could cure my diabetes by taking some nutritional supplement.  Now, they were not all selling the same supplement.  In fact, they all told me something different. But they were all as convinced as a Libtard promoting the wonders of Obamacare, that I could just stop taking insulin and forget worrying about my kidneys, eye sights and extremities.

If you are easily offended, don't like swearing or believe the Pope somehow secretly resurrected Elvis and has him in Unholy service to the Templar Knights, do not read the rest of this blog. Skip it and live forever in your mental Utopia.

SHUT THE FUCK UP. Shut the fuck up NOW.

I have not lived with this disease for the past twenty years without knowing a whole fucking lot about it.  As in EVERYTHING about it.  So, if you want to get down into the weeds about glycolysis and amylase and gas exchanges, things only studied by serious physiologists, then SHUT THE FUCK UP.  If you don't have a degree in medicine, physiology or biochemistry, SHUT THE FUCK UP.  If you don't know that there are many types of Diabetes, then SHUT THE FUCK UP.  If you don't know what insulin is, SHUT THE FUCK UP.  If you cannot point to the correct side of your body where your pancreas is, SHUT THE FUCK UP.  If you cannot correctly identify an Islet of Langerhans cell under a microscope, then SHUT THE FUCK UP.

Most of the regular world and Type II Diabetes world can also SHUT THE FUCK UP.

I know, I appear slightly peeved, but I have been pushed to the limits of the ignorant, unadulterated SHIT I have been forced to be polite through in the past few weeks.  You people are stupid.  Not just stupid, you're dangerous.  I take four fucking shots a day, and then prick, squeeze and bleed four more just to test my blood sugar.  I rarely have fingertips that are not in excruciating pain because of all the testing.  You people have no idea that when I say no to a fucking sweet drink or dessert it's because I have nothing left to sacrifice for that treat.  If you think I'm being rude, then think for a fucking minute that I HAVE DIABETES.

So, let me explain it to the fucktarded asshats out there who think they know this disease better than I, a person who actually suffers through it.

My body does not make insulin.  They don't know the reason why, I have no family history of diabetes.  I come from a sickeningly healthy family with longevity and health on both sides.  Apparently I am the weak link.  Now, sugar, or glucose, is the gasoline that fuels yours body's cells.  However, the gas cannot get into your cellular tank because the gas cap (receptor) is locked.  Along comes insulin and unlocks the cap and the gas gets into the cell where it provides you with energy to be alive.  In you do not have the cap key (insulin) you run out of gas and the build up of gasoline (glucose) in your blood stream causes a condition known as Acidosis and you die.

So yeah, you really, RILLY need insulin to live.  And right now, STFU that you know someone who ate an herb and it all went away or God as my witness I will find you and kill you.  Yeah, still angry.

Now, insulin is made in the pancreas by the Islet of Langerhans cells.  They produce insulin that goes out into your blood stream and opens up the gas caps as fast as the glucose comes pouring into your body, or stores the glucose in fat cells for when you need it.  This comes to why the stupid out there think you can't eat sugar.  It's not about what you eat, but how much, you fucking retard.

We are limited to a certain amount of calories per day.  Take any Type 1 diabetic into a grocery store and off the tops of our heads we can recite exchange units, calories per exchange and exactly how much of anything we can have at any given meal.  Don't even get me started on balanced.  Only fucktarded nutritionists or people trying to sell you supplements give a flying fuck about a balanced diet.  That's only something that appeared in the past 100 years and all we have for it are a bunch of lazy, fat fucks who want to live forever and tell me how to treat my disease.  Yeah, really still angry.

Now, I can have a candy bar. And, depending on the size and caloric quantity of that candy bar, I have to sacrifice something else in my diet for that meal.  Many times it's my bedtime snack.  Fuck eating an apple when faced with the same calories as chocolatey goodness.  STFU and hand me that Milky Way.  So, if you offer me a sweet drink or a gooey treat and I politely decline BACK THE FUCK OFF.  It means that A) I don't like your offering or; B) I cannot handle any more calories with the insulin currently in my body and I am unwilling to take yet another shot just to comfort your tender fucking sensibilities.

So, if you are not a medical doctor, a PhD in physiology or biochemistry, don't presume to tell me about my chronic disease and how you know "the cure" for it.  Why do I know it's bogus?  Because, like every single diabetic out there I pray daily for a cure.  I pray that they will find a way to get us back to normal so I can eat a scoop of ice cream without guilt or worrying about my kidneys.  I want to walk barefoot in my grass again, or even inside my fucking house.  I don't want to worry if my cat scratches my leg, about whether it will heal or if I'll end up having to have it amputated.


So shut up telling me how I'm doing it all wrong and if I just ate this or that I'd be cured.  I won't.  But, you can give money to the ADA for research.  You can educate yourselves on diabetes and the various ways it's treated.  But most of all, you can just shut the fuck up and stop talking about something you know nothing about.  I'd like to get through ten minutes in a row without thinking about my disease.

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