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Sunday, February 16, 2014

New Blood

My younger readers won't get this.  And, my young readers with small children will only kinda, sorta get it.  My middle aged and older readers will completely get this.

Just after Christmas, while my husband was dropping me off at the office, I discovered an abandoned kitten.  He was starved and obviously horrifically ill.  It was so damned cold I could hardly breathe outside.  I dumped him in the husband's truck and told him he was now ours, call the vet, get him in.  That was how we came by four month old Gimli who has become the very light of my life.

At first the cat needed to eat a lot and sleep a a lot.  He was so very ill, that's he's only just begun to act like a normal, playful kitten.  He was on medication until two weeks ago.  You would think I would be grateful, no getting up in the middle of the night to try to disengage claws and deal with a stubborn kitten.  No.  Evidently, I set a dangerous precedent by waking up to give him medicine, make sure he ate and then playing with him before he became tired enough to sleep, shortly after eating.  Gimli now thinks at 2 AM is the perfect time to wake me up for food and play.  Unfortunately our other cat has no wish to play with "that young upstart" and he thinks I was created to feed and entertain him.  Yes, It's just like having an infant.

I say all that to say this, having him in the house has made us less hidebound.  New blood in the house has enlivened our other pets as well.  We play together more, snuggle together more and we're just happy together without it being the same old routine.  Gimli has been a true blessing and I thank God every single day that I found him.  Yes, even with the expensive vet bills and medications and the hours spent doctoring him.  He's been worth it all as he brings such undiluted joy to me each day.

This should not be the exception in our lives.  It should be the rule.  This joy of living, of embracing life should not be something that we only experience in shorts spurts with long, dry spells of apathy in between.

This is what the TEA Party has done to conservatives.  It is also why the GOP hates them for it.  Is there anything more telling of the liche behind the mask than a bright shining light of all of the youthful joy in the TEA Party movement?  These young mavericks have such a joy of living their lives that it is inspiring to everyone watching. Except, for the the old, dead, established DC Deadwood that dreads anything that might threaten its perceived power.

If the GOP had been wise they would have embraced the TEA Party with open arms, and enjoyed the life affirming ideas they brought forth as their agenda.  But the GOP is full of old, dead, scared white men who have had Stockholm Syndrome for decades and who have some to fear the light as much as Nancy Legosi fears knowledge.  If the GOP had a shred of self-preservation in their cold, embalmed hearts, they would have been out there marching with TEA Partiers during the voting for Obamacare.  If the GOP had two glial cells to rub together they would have stood with Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Justin Amash to fight the enacting of Obamacare.

But, they did not do any of those things.  The in-fighting, the back-stabbing evidenced in the above events was truly sickening.  It was then that I declared the GOP dead. They killed themselves in the stupid desire for Progressives like them.  Ask Chris Christie how that worked out for him.

We cannot trust anyone in Congress these days.  We cannot trust anyone in any level of our government, local, state or Federal.  We need some new blood so that we can love our government again.  We need to get rid of every single entrenched politically motivated carcass in DC and in our state capitals, in our county and city councils.  Start all over with people who have real ideas, not just rehashed, safe crap that got them elected 40 years ago.  We need to get rid of lobbyists.  All of them.  Period.  We need to begin enjoying public discourse with our representatives who know they work for us, not the other way around.

We need to vote the bums out.  Put in term limits.  Keep new blood and new ideas, good ideas in the forefront.

Now, who has the guts to do adopt the new blood and nurture them?  Rescue a kitten first, then tell me.

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