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Tuesday, February 04, 2014


Today I read an article in Forbes that made me shake my head and then dropped me into a well of depression.  The title of the article is

Will The Overselling Of Global Warming Lead To A New Scientific Dark Age?

As my long time readers know, I have warned about this since the beginning of this blog.  This blog started out so I could vent my outrage over the pseudoscience I saw being legitimized by governments all over the globe in response to more and more useless degrees being churned out by colleges and all of those initials after their names meant they were all looking for validation and research grants. And, as I have always maintained here, since the late 80's, to get any research money at all, you had to add the line "...and its effect on Global Warming" to the end of any abstract.  Voila, Liberal Guilt got you money and the best part of all, you didn't have to really prove anything, then you could say it all pointed to global warming, and thanks to the pioneering efforts of East Anglia University, you could just "hide the decline".

I have maintained here, as well that the Global Warming/Climate Change scheme would all come crashing down and take science down with it.  Well, evidently I am not the only one to see this.  Even Forbes sees it.  Forbes gets it's story from an article in Quadrant, a climate science journal by Garth Paltridge in which he says:

“…the average man in the street, a sensible chap who by now can smell the signs of an oversold environmental campaign from miles away, is beginning to suspect that it is politics rather than science which is driving the issue.”

 Yeah, like I've been saying all along.  The Libs glommed on to Global Warming as a way to seize power and knock us all back into the Stone Age while they maintained all the political power.  All along we just haven't been doing enough, giving enough to make things right.  And again I point out, none of us have control of the weather. We never have had, and we never will have. Build a bridge and get the fuck over it, already.

This makes me sad because most of my life has been spent in my own head trying to solve some scientific mysteries and understand our universe.  Science is the search for truth.  Global Warming/Climate Change was nothing more than a way to prop up pseudo-scientists who wanted money for nothing and their grants for free.

It used to be you had to show some results and those results had to have real world applications for you to get past peer review.  Do you think Einstein just 'organically' and 'altruistically' gave us his Theory of Relativity and this Special Theory of Relativity?  No, they are not mental exercises, they have real world applications. Doubt me?  Try living without them and still have GPS.  Even Stephen Hawking's work has real world applications and will have for years to come.  Or maybe not, now due to the morons and mouth breathers who dived into the Global Warming pool of piss with both feet and eyes firmly closed.

Whenever you try to predicate a lie and take over the world with it it is inevitability that it will eventually fail. Everyone will recognize that the Emperor has no clothes and the Emperor will never again have any legitimacy.  Real, honest scientists have for years tried to warn this entire planet that what they were swallowing as real science, settled science if you will, was in reality, shit.  Unadulterated organic shit.

Someone said, "Climate Change advocates are the Central Planners of climate science. They think everything can be controlled and is subject to their control".  The sad fact of this statement is, it's true.  It's so depressingly true and right now, in most nations, these are the people in power, who are making policy.  And let me clue you in on one salient fact, none of them believe in life and happiness and getting ahead.  They are about lording it over people, living well while others live in squalor and telling YOU how to live your life with wood fires, shitting where you eat and that they deserve lights and refrigeration because they are better than everyone else.

Doubt me on that last sentence?  See the entire continent of Africa and tell me that's not true.  White Liberal Elites tell them they can't develop their resources because it will kill the planet, while they reap the resources themselves and make their now enslaved citizens live in huts, burning wood fires for heat and food.  What few health clinics exist in the area are forced to make do with a solar panel that cannot keep a refrigerator running full time to keep the medicines inside at the correct temperature.  Meanwhile they're told by these wonderful Liberals that they 'must' immunize their populations to keep them from disease while starving them and causing untold misery in their living conditions... Because they don't have the right to determine their own destiny, they must do as their Liberal betters tell them.

What kind of racism is that?  It's the quiet bigotry of low expectations.  In the Liberal Elite it is as inevitable as their taxes and death.

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