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Monday, January 06, 2014

21 Harsh Truths People Don't Want to Hear

This post is inspired by another blog I just discovered.  Diary of a Negress is a thought provoking romp through the angry black woman's mind.  I said the singular conjugation because I do not believe, in any way, that she represents any rational person on this planet.  She wrote an blog posting a little over a year ago that someone just brought to my attention.  And I felt compelled to answer her unique observations with some cold hard facts.  It is best to never react emotionally to such things as the provocateur usually counts on using an emotional argument to win the day.  Besides, emotion has no place in rational discourse.

In her article, 21 Harsh Truths White People Don't Want to Hear, the author makes twenty-one spurious points to prove her assumption.  I will address each one, point by point, and hopefully drag her out of her angry cave and show her the sunshine of true knowledge.  It's warm and cozy out here, trust me.  These are her "talking" points:

  1. Every true African thinks you are a cold, heartless, tyrannical, lying, devious, untrustworthy, manipulative, demonic bastard.
  2. Money, no matter what amount, will not make you happy.
  3. No matter how much surgery you have, you’ll never compare to a black woman’s natural beauty
  4. You are the only race on Earth that cannot live harmoniously with nature.
  5. Your desperate attempt to be “like us” is pathetic
  6. Your low self-esteem and intense insecurity shows every time you use the word “Nigger.”
  7. Dr. Bobby Wright, a genius, summed you up to a tee
  8. Deep down, the thought that you ruled over other people makes you feel proud
  9. White women, contrary to your propaganda, are not the most wanted women on Earth
  10. White men, contrary to your propaganda, are not the most masculine men on Earth
  11. Without your white skin, you’d be nothing
  12. The reason why you try to keep blacks from progressing is out of fear for our revenge.
  13. You really don’t feel as guilty as you want everyone to believe you do
  14. You and your people are the sole cause of destruction on the planet
  15. You are 100% satisfied with your unearned privileges.
  16. Pretending not to be aware of your White Privilege isn’t fooling anyone
  17. You lack the true capacity to change your racist views
  18. Your forefathers sins are apart of your bloodline…forever
  19. If slavery was reinstated, you would no longer have the need to take anti-depressants and Viagra.       
  20. You are your own worst enemy
  21. You cheat, lie and manipulate your way to the top because deep down, you know you cannot compete at a level playing field with everyone else
As you can see, methinks the lady doth project too much.  I want to answer this point by point, and I shall endeavor to do so. Caution, there may be humor, irony and poetic license taken to prove my points.

  1.  If and when you can prove with proof that every single black person on this rock thinks that I am, in fact, "a cold, heartless, tyrannical, lying, devious, untrustworthy, manipulative, demonic bastard" I will pay you $100,000.00 US.  I doubt you can even begin to get that proof on your own block.
  2. Money cannot make you happy.  You have to be happy with yourself to possess anything even remotely happy outside yourself.  I hope you won't feel insulted if I don't hold my breath waiting for you to let go of your anger and being loving yourself.  Your self-hatred is so bloody obvious that I am personally in awe of your ability not to set yourself on fire.  I don't recommend that, by the way.  I admire your restraint.
  3. As to surgery and a black woman's beauty, I'm not entirely sure what you are trying to say here.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  I find beautiful things everywhere because I do not put any limits as to what could possibly be beautiful.  Your statement is about as ridiculous as a child saying that he will only like trees with green leaves, and never seeing the beauty of autumn.  Yes, I know, very Zen.
  4. As for your accusation that only white people cannot live harmoniously with nature, I would like for you to visit the Chinese city of Beijing.  Ask anyone who had to wear face masks because the air is unbreathable.  Oh yeah, been to Mexico City lately or ever?  How about Rio de Janeiro? When you get back from your fact finding mission, let me know. We'll compare data.  And, who knows?  We could even write a paper together, paint our nails and braid each others hair.  Doesn't that just blow your suppositions out of the magnetosphere?  Let me know when you know what the last word in the previous sentence means.
  5. Desperate attempts to be like who?  Who is us?  Black people?  Or do you mean the gangster/thug representation that is so prevalent in American society? Or do you mean the genocidal maniacs in Ruwanda?  The slave traders on the African West Coast? I'll sit back and read my biography of Nelson Mandela while you chew that over.
  6. People who use the word "Nigger" are usually blacks to each other.  I can think of only one white person in my entire acquaintance who still uses that word or has since the 70's.  So you're telling me that all the gansta rap is really just a bunch of "low self-esteem and intense insecurity"?  I had no idea Dr Dre or Snoop had these issues.  Are they in therapy?
  7. Dr Bobby Wright is a racist, which is an irrational and illogical thing to be.  If you admire him I will have to rethink joining you in a scientific paper.
  8. Deep down, I've never ruled over another human being.  I don't know anyone, personally, who has.  I know people who have acted like they have that power, but usually a few minutes with me is the cure.  I think what you're talking about is slavery, and honey, that's been gone for a very long time, even here in Texas.  You were not a slave.  Your parents weren't slaves.  Your grandparents and great-grandparents were not slaves.  The only enslavement you have experienced is that of the Progressive Liberals trying to buy your vote for their power.  Again, let me know when that filters through all your Leftist dogma.
  9. White women are not the most wanted on this earth?  Hardly surprising considering the facts behind what one finds beautiful and the demographic dispersement of genes around the globe.  Although, I will admit this, I've always had a thing for Imani. She's just beautiful.
  10. White men are not the most wanted on this earth?  Oh thank God!  Something explains my obsession with Idris Elba and Jet Li!
  11. Without my white skin I'd be viscera and muscle and bones.  You can look it up!
  12. The reason we keep blacks from progressing?  Which blacks?  Where?  You mean Herman Cain, right?  Denzel Washington (yummy)?  JayZ?  Am I even warm yet?
  13. Darling, let me let you in on a little secret.  I don't feel guilty about anything, ever.  I've not done anything to feel guilty, ever.  Most people, regardless of melanin concentration, have.
  14. Me and my people are the whole reason behind the destruction of the planet?  My people?  Who are "my people"?  Now go re-read my response to #4.  I'll wait.
  15. I am 100% satisfied with all that I have accomplished with my own effort and ability.  Again, I will wait while you look those words up.  You seem to have no knowledge of them and only appear to know white Liberals who feel unearned moral superiority if they ride a bike to the market.
  16. White privilege?  Is that a real thing?  Where do I sign up?  Do I get free food and shelter with it?
  17. I possess reason and logic, and therefore that opens me to accepting almost anything that makes sense.  Read that last sentence several times and stop when it resonates.
  18. My forefathers? Do you know them personally because I have a limited time offer at and need to know their names.  Just e-mail me what you know about those Germans and British Islanders, please. As to their crimes, I guess I have to admit, in the spirit of full disclosure, that my great-grandmother was a bigamist.  So, in your mind that makes me a bigamist as well.  Do I get to pick my 2nd husband and if I do, do you have Idris Elba's phone number?
  19. If slavery was re-instated?  Let's just forget the irrationality of that statement, shall we?  Because it does not even belong in this reality.  Slavery is alive and well and living in most African nations as well as approved and state sponsored in Muslim nations.  Since I'm white, I guess I'll sleep and have sex just fine.  I'd give you more details, but that's my bedroom, not yours, however if you DO happen to have Idris Elba's phone number, I might just take a picture of my smile on the day I bigamy him.
  20. We are the worst enemy to ourselves, regardless of concentration of melanin in our dermal cells.  It is recognizing that fact and dealing with it in a sane, rational manner that separates us from the Progressive Leftists that would enslave us all.
  21. People lie and cheat because they are liars and cheaters, not because they lack melanin.  I think you know that, I just think you don't want to accept it because then you have to question all the other things you think you're angry about.  You lie to yourself and you cheat yourself by telling yourself that you are owed things you see other people having, that they buy with money they earn by working hard.
Perhaps, self-proclaimed Invisible Woman, you should look at yourself and list the reasons you are so angry and see which ones are really you and which parts someone else has told you that you feel.  Then ask yourself why you so readily accept their assessment of YOU and why YOU don't stand up to them and say,  "I don't think, feel or hate that way!"  When YOU know why YOU feel or think or hate anything, then you can write another blog, perhaps one with more thought and less vitriol.  And you will see how my responses have nothing at all to do with race and everything to do with rational thought.


joanne gomo said...

All that you write is from a white privileged view. All white people think the same, racist, know-it-all and damned liars. If Diary is angry, then as an African who grew in a racist kkk environment of the U.S, she deserves to be. You idiots just don't get it On the point of u being beautiful, I agree, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and too me white people suck !! U have no butt, no thighs and your skin is pale and ages so early. Who told u u are the most desired ? U guys brainwashed the world, pushing ur filthy culture every where and forcing your esthetic on others. In books a pale, ghostly, skinny, long nosed human is not attractive. I am black, strong and proud. A conscious black woman. U people steal and appropriate everything even our history and ways of life. Dr. Christian Barnard, first heart transplant surgeon stole the ideas of his black assistant and gave him no glory. U cave dwelling beast are thieves and proud. Because u know ur time is short, u introduce "multi culturism" and send your whoring white sisters to sex and manipulate black men,to steal his power and genetic make up, to create a "super white". U cannot destroy the children of the most High God. U evil witch. I have lived with white folks in the U.K, the most smelly, racist, illiterate people I know. I dislike white because you all are evil and tell multiple lies, have stolen and robbed cultures and appropriated the food, music, dance, writings, instruments, thoughts and actions of the first people...the African. U will pay my friend. U will pay for bringing the great " Maafaa" on our people for the sins of your Fathers will visit you. I am not angry. I am strong, defiant and disrespectful just like Diary too you nasty POS white people

Severine said...

So you trolled to find a post over 3 years old to respond with your racist diatribe? Please! Not only is is racist, it's ignorant and illiterate. And then, and this is the part I love the most, you throw religion in there. You will note I did not say God, but religion.

Toddle on infant. Go whine elsewhere, for your stupidity is not wanted here.