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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Reality vs The Narrative

Eric Jensen, a friend of mine from the Conservative rebel camp on Facebook, told me this morning:
it's a bitch when reality doesn't cooperate with the narrative
Grammar and spelling are his, as well as sentence structure.

Which, in one short sentence, describes the entire Obama debacle.  I feel humbled that I was not that witty in my brevity.  It's taken me scores of blog posting to try to get my point across and he nailed it in one pithy comment on my previous post.

The Obama administration has been butting it's head against the stone wall of reality since before they took office.  One scandal after another has threatened to take them down, and they breathed a sigh of relief when the complicit media assisted them in cover up after cover up.  Then something amazing happened, one of their plantation overseers are CBS news, investigative reporter
Sheryl Attkisson decided that she didn't buy the whole "spontaneous response to a viral video on YouTube" lie and dug deeper.  And like a bulldog, refused to unclench her teeth when she dug up the cover up.  That damned uppity reporter! They're supposed to work FOR the administration, because, you know, that's what j-school taught all of them.

CBS is chafing under the truth bearing light at Attkisson is shining and wants to fire her.  She's finding it impossible to get her stories aired by her employer so she's doing the talk-show circuit, getting her story out.  The reporter has become the story because her moron boss couldn't think it through.  That's the downfall of all Liberals, the inability, unwillingness to see anything they do to it's natural end. Because, if they did, they wouldn't do what they do and cause the harm they do.

When you hear these people scream it's because they have just butted up against the Reality of the Situation.  Not political reality.  The Reality.

What difference does it make?  Well, Hillary, it actually makes a huge difference to people who realize that if you will green light the wholesale slaughter of 4 people under your "care" then you could very well do the same to them.  That is the reality of what you and Obama have done.  We now understand the truth of your vaunted "care".

So, yes.  It's a bitch when the reality doesn't cooperate with the narrative.

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