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Saturday, May 18, 2013

ADHD Fictitious Disease

For all of my life I've had to deal with hyper kids.  I started baby-sitting when I was 11 years old and kept it up for long after I had my own kids. I like kids.  I find them funny and appreciative of things like cookies, hugs and someone just listening to them like they matter.

Recently, the Father of ADHD, Leon Eisenberg, admitted that the condition, which has been soooo over-diagnosed, especially in the past 20 years, was a fictitious disease.

ADHD is a prime example of a fictitious disease”
OK, This is the guy who invented an entire condition that has left 2 generations of kids doped up on Ritalin as basic zombies and now, just before he dies, he admits he made up the whole damned thing?  What this charlatan and his ilk have done to these kids is criminal.  They removed all free will for the children to learn better behaviours in the need for expediency of parents who didn't want to parent and teachers who didn't want to teach.

Go ahead, tell me your stories of your child who was sooooooo helped by being zombified on Ritalin or the other drugs used to make them more malleable, sitting staring at the television so mommy and daddy can enjoy their cocktails without having to actually deal with their children after working.  God forbid they go outside and play and be normal kids.

You may find my indictment of modern parenting harsh, but I've gotten to deal with far too many of the results to think otherwise.  I spent 7 years teaching classrooms of full of the kids no one else wanted to teach because "they're hyper".  I would be saddled with about 13 of these kids each year and yet I had no problem with them whatsoever once I set the perimeters of what our relationship would be.  You would be amazed at how quickly an eleven year old boy can learn the Nicene Creed when he acts up every time in class and has to recite it.  You may talk in class, yes.  But only something that I approve.  It's truly amazing how calmly they sit and listen when you engage their imaginations, play games, or sometimes, just go outside on the playground to teach a lesson about being kind to others by taking turns and not pushing each other.

I gave birth to 4 children.  None of them were ADHD, which, according to the eggheads with liberal arts degrees, say is a statistical impossibility because fully half of all American children are ADHD.  It's my fault my children were not medicated, because I didn't know the signs.  Oh, I know signs.  I love Development Psych in college and excelled in understanding my children's behaviours.  They acted up they got popped on the behind.  They also spent time in a corner and in their room, unable to play outside with their friends or watch TV with the family, with nothing more to engage their imagination than a stack of books on a night stand.  Yes, I was a horrible parent.  EVERYONE COME LOOK AT THE HORRIBLE PARENT!

What's worse?  Medicating my children into a zombie state so I can enjoy 30 minutes of peace and quite when I get home from work so I don't have to deal with the children I insisted on having or dealing with my kids and knowing the ONLY quiet I will have all day is when everyone is asleep and I have 30 minutes to do a load of laundry before I fall asleep on the couch trying to stay awake and watch the news?

When I chose, yes CHOSE, to bring children into the world I also accepted the responsibility of raising them to adulthood and perhaps I would be rewarded by having children other people didn't hate.  It was overwhelming to me how much responsibility I had taken on.  To the point of breaking into tears in the produce section of the local Kroger because at the tender age of 21 I had no idea what I was doing.

But, I did it.  I manned up and I did it.  I accepted that I had very little time to be their parent and the rest of their lives to be their friend.  I didn't have kids so someone would love me. I love myself and that's enough for me.  The fact that I have family and friends who love me as well is icing on a pretty fantastic cake. I raised my kids. It was hard and now that they are all grown, it still is.  I have to keep from putting me two cents worth in and stepping back to allow them their own mistakes to learn from.  I do so with the pride that they are making up their own minds and not just such suggestible zombies because I kept them drugged their entire lives.

That's why kids go nuts when they go to college without mommy and daddy there to make the decisions for them.  They've not learned the skills to get along in life because they have been doped up and medicated their entire lives so mommy can live her life without the benefit of the reality of messy kids.  And then they grow up to vote for Obama because someone with a liberal arts degree tells them they should.

There, I did manage to get politics into it!

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