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Sunday, April 14, 2013

On Illegal Immigration

I live in Texas.  I have lived here for close to 35 years now.  I've not always enjoyed it, but Houston is a big city and I'm not really into city life.  I now live in Central Texas and enjoy it very much, indeed.  With that being said, you could say that I have very good ground from which to be against illegal immigration. First off, it's ILLEGAL! If you have problems understanding that word, you obviously have a liberal arts degree and a 5 year old's understanding of the world.  Get off my lawn.  Secondly, it doesn't make anyone noble, it just makes them impatient criminals.  If you can't deal with the truth of that concept, get off my planet.

Whilst living in H-Town I had the privilege, thanks to my former spouse, of living the most illegal immigrant part of town, Southeast Houston.  We got to enjoy gangs, open drug use and sales, guns shooting up our home and the ever present squalor and filth that such illegals appear to drag El Norte with them.  There is nothing like a house fire and watching at least 30 people file out of the house like a circus clown car.  Seeing those people, who cannot speak or read a word of English at the grocery store buying groceries with EBT cards and WIC vouchers was a real eye opener.  Being told I had to wait 40 minutes in the last stages of labor so that an illegal who waited until she was crowning called an ambulance to have her anchor baby, well, that was just icing on the cake.

Yes.  I experienced all that an more during my "Barrio Years", as I like to my first marriage.  It is to my shame that I allowed my children to experience any of that.  However, they all know illegal immigration in the same way I do and don't like it any better.

I will be perfectly honest, I see no problem whatsoever with setting up our Scout/Sniper schools along the border and pick off traffickers.  A little while of that and it will eventually stop or at least slow down.  How much money are you willing to pay to maybe make it across a minefield when the guy taking your money isn't going across that minefield as well?  Or perhaps Mexicans and Central Americans are that desperate.  I don't know. I don't go to their filthy, god-forsaken lands.  On a good day you can smell the ignorance all the way in Central Texas.

You've guessed it.  I despised illegal immigrants.  Indeed, you could say that I actively hate them.  Because they're Mexican?  Nope, I hate ALL illegal immigrants.  Why?  Because they were too impatient, too stupid and too lazy to do it right.  That's not a Mexican thing, that's a human thing.

Do you want to know who I hate more than illegal immigrants?  Law enforcement officials who refuse to enforce the laws we have in this land concerning illegal immigrants.  I hate with the heat of a thousand suns the morons who cry about illegal immigrants while hiring a Mexican nanny at $50 per week.  They don't want to make it easier for illegals to get citizenship. They want to make it less illegal to exploit them.

When you decide to perform an illegal act, you take away any excuse you may have had to play the victim card.  When you hire someone to take you illegally across our borders, you no longer have any moral high road.  You are a criminal.  Period.  I see no shades of grey in this at all.  Why? Because with the exception of one person I know, everyone I know had to jump through all of the hoops to live and work here legally.  To have someone who paid a Coyote $5000 to get into America then scream and cry that they deserve citizenship for criminal invasion of a country is too much.  I have n shame at all in pointing to you and calling you a criminal.  Gimme that $5000 and I'll get you into Honduras.  Trust me, you won't like the way they treat illegals there.

You don't get to cut in line. You don't get a green card.  You don't get citizenship.  You get deported back to wherever the hell you came from with a target permanently tattooed to your forehead so that our student snipers have a clear target the next time you try to sneak in. There is no version of this story that makes you a "good guy".  Ever.

The real victims in the illegal immigration story are the tax payers who are on the hook for all of the freebies and goodies those folks are handed.  The real victims are the children dragged into this country or born here so that mommy can stay here forever.  They grow up in squalor, filth, degradation and the worst ignorance you can possibly imagine.  They aren't even taught to properly speak the language of this country, which, last time I looked at our Constitution, was in English.

Stop catering to the criminals.  Stupid flippin' Liberals.

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