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Saturday, March 02, 2013


I am an unapologetic misanthrope, meaning I do not look kindly upon my fellow man.  Which is the nicest way I can put it.  I find most of my fellow beings on this rock to be stupid and lazy with no desire, whatsoever, to get out of either state.  I have few I consider friends and even fewer I consider close friends.  I have many acquaintances but, to be honest, chances are if I recognize you out in public I will avoid you like I owe you money.  Simply put, I have no wish to engage in idle chatter with a mind I see an inferior to my own.

Oh yes, I am sooooo superior. 

Sorry, I barely got through that with a straight face.

However sad, the truth of the matter is, I just don't like other people.  I don't like being around them, listening to them, or worse, waiting behind them in line at Volde*Mart.  It doesn't come from a hatred that begins with myself and spreads outward, it comes from watching most of the cud-chewing cows around me, ready to follow anyone off a cliff in the spirit of "everyone else is doing it!".

Last weekend I went to the JW Marriot Hill Country Spa and Resort with my two best friends.  We had all looked forward to this since our trip to Austin together last year for SXSW.  One of my friends had dog trouble and we only got to spend an afternoon with her, but it was good times. We missed her greatly.  The hotel was not overbooked and not crowded and I had a blast, even though other people surrounded me almost everywhere I went.  We spoke of my aversion to other people and I think I finally crystallized my feelings into a cogent idea.  Loki.

You see, in the movie The Avengers, Loki tells people to kneel and that kneeling is their natural state.  As much as any of us hate to admit it, this is the gospel truth.  Most people want to be told what to do, how to do it and who to do it with.  This takes from them all responsibility of living, of thought.  If anything goes wrong then they can blame the person who told them.  Right?

I'm the old guy that Loki is about to vaporize. The guy who tells Loki that there are always men like him.  Now, listen up kiddies, because I am going to tell you a gag worthy truth, and none of you will want to believe it, may hate me forever for forcing this truth on you.

All of you Liberals and many of you Republicans are the Hitler Youth, only now we call it the Obama Youth.  You not only want to be led, you're begging to kneel to someone, anyone.  You chose Obama and the Progressives who gloat at his side.  People who truly love freedom and liberty have no wish to be a parent to you.  You may live or die in your attempt to bend over for someone, we do not care.  Frankly, it's none of our business.

Projection is an important Alinsky tool because it attempts to take the truth of self and project it on to the enemy to make him easier to hate.  Freedom lovers do not try to MAKE you think their way.  They just try to make you see it and accept it.  If you don't, too bad.  Progressives are there screaming that you MUST see things their way or be eliminated.  Your opinion does not matter because it doesn't gibe with the accepted, committee approved party line.  Nazi's could not accept dissent.  Marxists cannot  accept dissent.  Freedom accepts dissent and ignores it as irrelevant.

Most people, in their hearts, are sheep, willing lemmings ready to follow whomever off the cliff.  Again, eliminating the responsibility for thought or action. "I was just following orders!"  These are the people who sicken me.  These are the people I wish to avoid.  In fact, if I were ever given my fondest wish, most of these second-handers, glad-handers would be pushed into rockets with no life support and shot off on a trajectory with the sun.  Very Apocalypse of me, but every herd of non-thinking cows needs to be culled.

And whose judgment do I base these opinions on?  My own.

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