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Saturday, March 02, 2013

Bad Asses Don't Need The PR

People who talk about being a Bad Ass and who talk a lot of bad assery are usually the easiest to beat up this side of Nancy Legosi.  That woman would faint dead away if you looked at her mean.  This is just my observation based on nearly 50 years stuck on this rock and your mileage may vary, although it's doubtful.

I don't need to go around with a revolving billboard around my head, flashing "BA Coming Your Way! Cuidado!"  I don't and never have.  Why?  I don't know why, but people tend to leave me be based on the "Get back" vibe I am continually broadcasting to the rest of the folks who are stuck on this planet with me.  I figure it's fair since they can't leave and neither can I.  And some say I'm not thoughtful.  Suck it! I care in the same way Kurt Schlichter is #caring. 

Most folks I know, who I consider Bad Asses, just don't appear that way to other people.  Hell, I knit and bake pies. How freakin' harmful can I be?  I also ride a motorcycle and carry a firearm.  Again, how do either of those things make me a bad ass.  Simple.  They don't.  Things don't make you harmful or harmless.  Your state of mind makes you either a predator or victim.  I determined at an extremely young age to never be a victim and I have not been.  Does this mean I've never been hit or beat up?  Oh hell no.  I won't start a fight but I will finish it.  The two bar fights I've been in have been the scariest things I've ever witnessed with my own eyes.  And in both I was a bystander.  I practised Tae Kwon Do for years.  The fact that I can perform a spin-hook kick does not make me a bad ass.  The fact that I hold Gold Medals in the sport does not make me a bad ass.  If I ever have to defend myself in hand to hand combat, that will be the TKD training, not any innate bad assery on my part.  Just part of my unwillingness to be a victim to anyone, least of all myself.

I firmly believe that people who refuse to be victims carry within them some attitude that warns other predators away.  Sort of like the coloring of certain birds.  I think it is something other human being recognize somewhere in their hindbrain and let it guide them.

I noticed that criminals do not follow rules.  Ever notice that?  I think the people in Chicago would agree with me.  It's why Gun Control does not and never will work. Because this is one thing that you have to realize if you are going to deal with the filth, there are no rules whatsoever except, possibly, the laws of gravity and physics.  Once you realize this you are utterly free to do whatever is necessary to maintain your safety up to and including the death of your opponent.  You can kneecap them, hamstring them, pop a cap in their useless heads, anything and everything until you are no longer in danger.  The only people who have rules for this sort of thing are people who want to try to hamstring you without you knowing it.

So just like concealed carry areas having the lowest crime rates, you never know who can whoop your ass, so you behave.  I always consider Christopher Stasheff's description of Dragon Society. All of them have great power so they treat each other respectfully and politely.  To do otherwise gets you either killed or booted out of society.  When you don't know who, around you, is packing, you tend to treat them with polite respect or you might be killed or wounded badly.  I think that is the way to go about in the world.  Respecting others because of their strengths, not looking for weaknesses to exploit so you can lord it over them. That is what makes a Bad Ass and that is why Bad Asses don't need the publicity.

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