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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Massaging the Data

It's a well known fact that Libtards are pretty loose when it comes to facts and data and factual data... OK, they just pick the things that suit them at the moment, then lie about it and get their Knee-Jerktards to go out with signs screaming and wailing about it.  However, I beg of you to watch the following video.

This guy is right on the money.  RIGHT ON IT.  He gets his facts from the following, assumingly unbiased reports:

FBI 2011 UCR Table 1
FBI 2011 UCR Table 16
FBI 2011 UCR Table 8
UK 2011 Homeland Crimes Report  This last one is a PDF not an actual table on the Homeland site.

So what he clearly shows is that A) violent crime in America has dropped more than 50% in the past 20 years and B) no one will take the credit for it because it doesn't fit in with their fear agenda.

There is only one thing that will reduce crime more and that's more jobs.  How do we get more jobs?  Free market, baby.  Hot and cold running business, straight up, no chaser.

Now come and try to take away my right to defend myself.

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