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Sunday, January 20, 2013

400th Post

I noticed yesterday that I had made 399 posts on my blog.  Wow. I am one wordy, opinionated person.  But then I giggled because the bonus tune from STP's second album went running through my skull and I was singing along with Scott Weiland, "Our second album, 12 precious melodies..."  Yeah.  I'm way immature like that.

I keep promising to spend one entire weekend doing absolutely nothing but vegetating, but it never seems to work out.  Clothes must be washed, soup must be made and dogs must be played with.  It's a hellish existence, but it must be endured.

 I had wanted to attend the 2nd Amendment Rally in Austin yesterday, but I had too much to do after working diligently every weekend since before Christmas.  They're having another one in a few weeks, and I imagine I shall go then.  I do have to wonder though at the liberal interpretation of gun owners.  We're all caricatured as Wild West type yahoos without a brain in our head, shooting at anything that moves.  I have no overwhelming desire to shoot anyone, not even rabid liberals.  I think beating them with an aluminum softball bat would be much more satisfying.  In fact, it may turn them into gun loving yahoos.

This is my point. When libtards characterize anything or anyone it's projection.  Why do they think all capitalists are greedy pigs, out for their own wealth, ready to cheat anyone and everyone?  Because they simply cannot conceive of any other way of doing business.  They literally cannot imagine doing anything on the up and up, aboveboard, etc.  The only way they know how to get by is by cheating someone else for something, but "getting over" on someone, so they naturally assume that is how everyone operates.  They know they could not exist in a true, open and free market, so they demonize it to make sure their mercantilism and cronyism is protected.

So they demonize gun ownership as a bunch of liquored up crazed people with machine guns shooting up day care centers and shopping malls.  I do find it somewhat interesting that all of the major gun violence stories in the past 20 years or so have all been perpetrated by self-identified liberals with mental diseases, as if liberalism is not a huge enough mental deficit to be running with.  Do the freaks who shoot at children get demonized?  No, the housewife with a pistol in a gun locker in her nightstand is the freakish weirdo who wants to kill your family!  Not the schizophrenic college student who is ignored by all the psych majors trying to "help" him by keeping him out of institutions.  But I just love the comments that come from them after the fact.  "Well, there was no way we could tell he would do that."  Really?  But you can tell that Soccer Mom is going to rampage how?  Oh yeah, just based on the fact that Soccer Moms are never the culprit in these horror stories and it's some mixed up kid whose brain is in mortal danger of implosion because of all the irrationality it's forced to endure during the state mandated indoctrination periods AKA school?

Oh, yeah.  I get that.  Best keep guns out of the hands of rational human beings who somehow managed to get out of the indoctrination camps with their logic and reasoning intact.

I own guns. As in more than one. To your typical libtard, they simply cannot understand it.  Why on earth would I want to protect myself from some poor, misunderstood ghetto dweller who is merely trying to stay alive by killing me and stealing my stuff?  Where do I get the right?  The Second Amendment is my right, given to me by the people who fought a long war to make sure I could protect myself from tyranny and lawlessness.  If you don't like it you are free to move to the many countries in this world that keep their citizens unarmed so that they can never, ever protect themselves, their families or their property. Go there and scream about your rights.  I suggest Iran this time of year and possibly Cuba if you like sandy beaches with starving bodies on them.

I would probably never, ever shoot an intruder in my home.  Why?  Because most of my guns are shotguns or rifles and are A) never kept loaded and B) kept in areas that are not easy to retrieve them from.  Why?  Because I also own dogs, bats, crowbars, knives, knitting needles, and one vicious cat.  I don't need a gun to defend myself, but they are there in the event I should.  They aren't easy to get to, because they shouldn't be.  They are where they are because the only reason, besides hunting, that I should need to take them out is to defend myself against a tyrannical government hell bent on my destruction.  In that event, I have more than enough time to fetch the guns and load them up.

Besides, I rather think I'd like swinging for the fences a couple of times on anyone that tried to break into my house while waiting for the cops to show up than shooting them and possibly killing them before the State of Texas gets the chance.  I don't know if I'd be afraid of hitting one of my dogs that would most likely be tearing the intruder apart, but I am pretty good with a bat and think I could get the ribs and possibly a clavicle.  Why?  Because those are the most painful injuries when broken.  I would want the SOB to remember me every time he took a breath, tried to move or even just lay there in abject pain.  I laughing thinking of the idiots court appointed attorney sitting there telling him it's not his fault he broke into the wrong home and that we should be allowed dogs for protection of our property and that he wants to have me arrested for assault and battery.  Sure, as if I just walked up to you on the street, set my dogs on you then began a beat down for no damned reason.  But libtards can justify anything.  Just listen to them if you can stomach it.

And, being the cruel logic user that I am.  I want to get some satisfaction out of protecting what's mine.  And be honest, is there anything more satisfying that just beating the snot out of something that has scared you?  No, there isn't.

And then you can bind them in the red tape they want to tie us all up in.  Yes, that is justice.

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