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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Stick A Fork In The GOP

Ever since the re-immaculation of The Anointed One, I have watched the GOP turn on itself and begin to tear itself apart.  It was happening before that, with every TEA Party Rally, but after the abysmal showing in November it became abundantly clear that Conservatives in the party had had enough.  It got ugly in Florida where Allan West had to fight a very dirty race against an overt attempt at voter fraud.  When you have over seven thousand votes in a precinct where there are only 78 registered voters and you don't think there is something hinky going on, you're definitely getting a hand job from the DNC.  I wonder how many Republicans told Col. West to take his medicine and lie down?

I think every single GOP member of congress should be primaried next cycle.  I wonder how well they will take the message of taking their medicine and lying down?  I don't know but I can't wait to find out.

Most people make the mistake of identifying me as a Republican. I am not. I've always seen that party as nothing more than a bunch of John McCain clones.  RINOs to a man.  Yes, John Boehner, I'm looking at you.  I understand that they are politicians, but my argument is that being a politician should not automatically make you a scumbag, and yet, this is was DC does.  Because we don't have term limits.

Everybody scoffs and said that Term Limits aren't "in the rules", meaning in The Constitution, a document most of them wouldn't recognize if it contributed to their campaign.  Our Founding Fathers never envisioned a society where people would WANT to be career politicians in the Federal Government.  They never saw our form of government coming.  They could not imagine the avarice and wonton greed that is a stench all through the halls of Congress. I'm pretty sure that if I could go back in time and drag George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams back here they would be furious and our Constitution would be drastically different.

Kids today think their votes don't count because their Liberal teachers start cramming it down their throats in pre-school.  They are don't that they cannot effect change and that nothing matters.  And we wonder why our young people prefer suicide by cop to continued existence of having their every rational thought ripped away by people who want to hear nothing more than the party line being parroted back by a bunch of automatons.  Our kids are snapping because the mind wishes to be logical and rational and they are beaten down until they are nothing more than Vogons.

It's become clear that the first thing we have to do is get rid of the white old men in the GOP and eradicate their ineptitude and fear away from the halls of legislation in this land.  I don't need some 70 year old career politician that he knows what's best for me while he bends over the podium and takes it without lube from Dingy Harry.  Get out.  Liberals so often use the term sell-out without ever grasping its meaning.  See anyone in the GOP in Congress, then you might have an idea approximating truth.

So what do we put in their place?  Real conservatives without the GOP name or TEA Party reputation.  Actually the TEA Party rep I don't mind, and frankly, those Conservatives who do mind need to start sucking up to Nancy Legosi and fast.  We, the voters need to make our way to DC and we need to stand around in a menacing manner.  Don't talk, don't touch, but glare at every single politician that is voting the future of our children down the toilet, so that they can feed their ballot cattle in the now.

The GOP is dead.  We need to find a better party and get them in office and stop living like a bunch of whining, yellow-bellied sissies or worse, like Liberals, about how things aren't going out way.  Make your own damned way!

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