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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Good Gardening

I am an avid gardener with a husband who indulges me in as far as his desire to dig and mulch and compost goes.  Since we bought this house he's indulged my love of roses and has even bought me a green house where I will eventually grow veggies and herbs for our kitchen.  We encourage pests like butterflies, birds and bunnies in the back yard, so the greenhouse will afford me the arena in which to indulge my love of growing things.  I've even seriously begun propagation this year.  We will see how my green thumb goes on things I'm starting myself.

I've noted that you cannot be a Socialist and be a good gardener.  Number one, there is no one to steal from to give to the "needy", and two, plants don't vote.  So I guess you could say, correctly, Socialists have no need for gardening.

I love daisies.  Shastas or Gerberas, I love them.  Simple little flowers and yet I find them more elegant than the rose. I've had very good luck with daisies because I reward them for their beautiful blooms.  When they are getting a little too big for their area or pot, I divide the roots and give them their own place.  They, in turn make my yards and beds gorgeous and I enjoy sitting among them and enjoying that beauty.  I give them food and water, they give me blooms.  It is a harmonious trade of values.  Free market system of gardens.  I cannot exploit them, they do not exploit me, we both get something of value for our trade.  It's honest and will continue to be so because flowers don't have a Political Action Committee to stop either one of us from this monopoly in the bloom market.

My fruit trees get quite a bit of attention as they need proper water, especially in the drought we had last year.  In return for watering, pruning and pest control, they give me fruit which I can then commit to the nourishment of the bodies of my family.  Again the trees get something they value in trade for something I value.  Free market system again.  No one is exploited.  I care for them when they go dormant in the scant winter we have here, and then coax them from sleep in the spring so they can bud, cross pollinate and bear fruit.  I love peaches and will most likely end up living in those trees.  It's in my rational self-interest to keep them growing and happy.

In the work place a trade of values goes on.  The employee needs a job, the employer needs someone to do the job.  The employer offers a wage he feels is fair for the work needed to complete the job and the employee agrees to that wage upon his acceptance of employment.  If, at any time the boss feels he's not getting his money's worth or the employee feels he's not being paid a fair wage, they can terminate the employment.  Pretty simple, right?  A trade of equal values is fair to everyone.  Right?

Not if you are in the business of victimhood or exploitation.  To the Union POS working for a fair wage is preposterous.  If those union pukes had to work one days honest work they'd shut up and realize why they've killed themselves and why most of America hates them. Trust me, I've been laid off before because a bunch of auto parts manufacturing weasels wanted to be paid for an 8 hour day when they only worked 6 with tons of sick days, personal days and paid leave.  In my world, if you don't work you don't get paid.  Period. That's the way it needs to be.  You wonder why manufacturing is going overseas?  Look directly to the UAW.  Those pussies don't know work at all.  Let them come work in the fracking fields in West Texas then tell me they know what work is.  Those "blue-collar" pieces of crap wouldn't know a full days work or sweat or overtime for that matter if it was spelled out in a Union newsletter.  They make more money than most of the white-collar employees in banks, and have better benefits packages.

If plants had unions, I'd spray herbicide on them then grind them up for dumping in the trash since they're not worthy enough for the composting.  I wouldn't want their stupid poisoning my other plants.

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