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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Thank You, Andrew Breitbart

Today, the brightest star in the Conservative TEA Party movement dimmed and sputtered out, leaving all of us shocked in its wake.  Andrew Breitbart is dead at the very young age of 43.  Apparently of natural causes, perhaps a heart attack, although his family did say that he did no have a history of cardiac problems.  Asshat Michael Savage was opining on his daily IgnoranceFest that Andrew's death was a vast Liberal conspiracy.  Does it really matter?  Andrew is gone and everything he was able to do the sheer will of his life force is gone with him?  Does it really matter that Mr. Savage thinks life is a Robert Ludlum novel?  You can't make someone drop dead just because you want them out of the way.  Trust me on this.

This has hit me harder that I would have suspected it would.  I greatly respected Andrew, read his books and his sites.  I loved what he was doing with the blogosphere.  He always seemed like the kind of guy you could sit down and have a beer with and just enjoy a few moments chatting with him.  He was just a man who saw something he didn't like, knew was wrong and stepped up to take it head on.  His putting James O'Keefe's ACORN videos up on his Big Government site brought down that part of the Liberal Democrat Tammany Hall.  He exposed the racism of the NAACP and Liberals with the Shirley Sherrod video. He endured the attacks from the left when he took up sword and shield against their sacred Mainstream Media.  He exposed the bias of our media and he kept pounding at the wall the Liberals have built to shield them from their own stupid policies.  He exposed the outright hypocrisy of the Left and the sham of the Obama Administration.

There are those who say he wasn't a journalist.  Yes, he was a journalist.  Matt Drudge and Ariana Huffington are testament to that lie that immediately popped up.  He brought bloggers out into the light of day and told us that we are all citizen journalists. None of their lies, their crocodile tears or armchair quarterbacking can take that away from any of us.  He encouraged everyone to speak up and speak out when we knew something was wrong.  Andrew was much like me in the philosophy that if you don't stand up for yourself, why should anyone else? He was out there fighting for the bloggers to be recognized as valid journalists.  Just because we don't have some newspaper byline doesn't make us any less credible that the likes of Jason Blair.  Evidently you can just make up news and have more respect than James O'Keefe.

I am going to pray for his family, his wife, his four children.  I will pray that someone will have the strength of character to take up where Andrew left off.  I think that Thad McCotter said it best this morning on the floor of the house:

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Anonymous said...

He will be missed. I hope he inspired others to follow in his footsteps.