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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Opinions Are Just Like...

Yeah, yeah, everybody has one.  And this past week has been inordinately bountiful with People With Opinions.  Most of those opinions having to do with my sanity and desire to learn to ride a motorcycle.  Just because you fail at one thing and get hurt doing it, supposedly we need to make laws making that thing illegal then sue the crap out of anything to do with it shortly before your Commitment Hearing in County Court.

I just want to make one thing crystal clear.  I will get back up on a bike and pass the Rider's Edge course and I will get out on my own bike and ride it around the block until I am comfortable enough to ride down all of the streets in my neighborhood.  My accident was my fault, being an inexperienced rider.  I fully own up to that.  I panicked, did the wrong thing and have paid the price with a banged up knee.  Which means that I did not finish the road course.  Everyone says if you fall off a horse you have to get right back on, and they are correct.  So how come, when it comes to something like a motorcycle, people just assumed I'd never want to get back on one?

Wizard's First Rule - People Are Stupid.

Just because what I want to do is not a desire shared by a great many who live in fear of actually living, does not make it wrong, crazy or in any other way prohibitive.  And further, because I was not scared away from my wrongheaded desire to learn to ride a motorcycle, does not mean that I am in any way mentally deficient and need to have someone take care of my affairs. I know what I want to do, what I am capable of and I am doing this.  Period.  Nothing you say, no horror story of some guy who knew your college roommate's boyfriend 30 years ago, is going to change my mind.

For me, and again, this is ONLY for me, the little bit I did ride on the course was exhilarating. It was so much fun that despite this one little blip, I will do it again. I will learn to ride safely, and I will do my best to be a safe rider.  Why?  Because this little blip still hurts and is a very good reminder that learning to ride correctly is possibly the most important thing I need to do.

So, for all of you out there who think I'm insane, if you've ever had or been in a car accident, sell your car now and buy a bus pass.  I can't see how you could possibly get behind the wheel of a car if you've ever been in an accident.  Hell, if you ever fell off your bicycle, don't ever get on one again and be damned sure your kids don't ever get up on one.  If you've tripped on a rug, make sure there are none around.  How can you be expected to exist in a world where rugs can just trip you up?

And while you're hiding from life, be sure not to breathe because the cold virus is spread by breathing, as is flu and any number of pathogenic bacteria and virii.  Holy crap?!  However can we live?

By living.  We live by living, not being too afraid to live.  And getting back on the horse once you've fallen off.

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