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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Abortion of Legislation

Since the Libs are all for killing life as it is beginning, I think performing an abortion on Obamacare is fitting.  Yank that sucker right out of the Liberal Progressive womb where it lay, still and just awaiting it's opportunity to spring, fully formed to end life as we know it in the US, making us just another country in the European Firmament on this continent.

Planned Parenthood should cheer my "choice".

This past week, having Obama and his administration telling us that we A) must buy health insurance and B) must pay for the birth control and bad choices of everyone around us whether we believe in it or not.  It does not just effect the Catholic Church.  The Southern Baptist Convention, with millions of members within its confines, is self-insured.  Many other denominations are self-insured.  So the walk back of making the Churches pay for birth-control and abortion pills as well as actual abortions is meaningless.  Not only does this show the stupidity of the Obama administration, it has shown us the utter naivety of these morons.

How on earth could they not have foreseen that there would be a backlash from Fly-Over Country?

Because they never, ever think about Fly-Over Country.

I think that I have a special point of view on this.  Let me explain.  After we lost our son, Iain, the doctor told us that I would never be able to carry a child to term.  In other words, pregnancy would always end in misery.  This was the third time we'd lost a baby and I gave up.  I'd made it half-way through with Iain and knew I could never do it again.  I spoke with my doctor and with my priest and it was made clear that any life we created was assured to end in premature death, which to me, was premeditated murder.  My priest gave me a dispensation to take an oral contraceptive as this wore on me.  I would have take The Pill anyway, but I wasn't doing it to be promiscuous or rebellious.  I was doing it because I could not, in good conscience create a life I knew would never be born.  I had no problem whatsoever getting pregnant.  But once the bun was in the oven, the door would just pop open and expel the bun.  So, I quit baking.

Birth control is available to everyone.  EVERYBODY can easily obtain birth control.  It's not as if there is a wall around the projects where they are prevented from obtaining ways to prevent issue because they don't want to stop the activity which creates all those mouths we are then forced to feed.  Birth control is offered at most schools these days.  You cannot swing a dead cat in the inner cities without hitting some sort of free clinic where they hand out birth control pills like M&Ms. All you have to do is pay for it.

Oh, there's the rub, right?

This is the thing, with all of this birth control already available why are they squirting out more and more kids and why are the libs all white knuckled about free birth control?  Because they realize that this is perhaps the one part of our lives that they cannot control whatsoever.  And, if you look at the life of Margaret Sanger, patron saint of the Pro-Deathers, she said that birth control was the way to control the brown people population in the ghettos.  She was a renowned racist and eugenics adherent.  Wonderful woman.

If you are a woman of child-bearing age who is not taking birth control or abstaining from the activity which brings life, it means one of two things (and hopefully not both), it means you are either too lazy or too stupid to prevent issue.  Either way, you're a drain on society and probably don't adore those children you keep squirting out because they come way too easy, just like your welfare money.

So, why am I so Ok with anyone not catholic using birth-control?  Because I'm not stupid.  I don't expect everyone else to understand the deep respect for life that I've been taught.  I may say I want someone dead, but really I just want them and their stupidity to disappear from this quadrant of the galaxy. I don't want to kill them myself (well, there are certain beings that I would gain so much enjoyment, but that's a guilty pleasure and that is what Reconciliation is for, those stray thoughts of contemplation) I just want them out of my way.

The Obama Administration has seriously pissed off a large chunk of this country that it completely ignores.  Andrew Breitbart was correct.  We are a giant who has been slumbering.  However, there is only so long you can kick us in our backsides before we wake up really pissed off.

Rebellion started this nation, it can keep it on the right track.

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