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Sunday, December 11, 2011

What Do You Hope to Accomplish?

I was asked recently, by a condescending liberal, what I hoped to accomplish with my little blog of electronic scribblings.  Well, at least they had read my "little blog of electronic scribblings".  Isn't that precious?  Bless their little hearts.

Yes, I just went all Southern Matron on them.

It is one thing for someone to tell me I'm completely wrong when they have never even read my books or blog.  It's quite another when they tell me I'm wrong after they've read my "scribblings".  To do it to my face?  That's a completely different ball game, right there.  Why?  Because very few people have the intestinal fortitude to tell me I'm wrong to my face.  Not because I'm a bad ass, but because it gives me the opening to flay their psyche alive.  I figure if they have the guts to tell me I'm wrong, they are strong enough to take the spanking they will get.

But I didn't have to think about my answer. Because I've always known what I hope to accomplish in my life. I wish to live as a thinking, rational human being who gets ahead based on my abilities and merit, rather than some artificial quota system or affirmative action.  In other words, I want to make it on my own without a constant boost up because I really can't do it on my own.

However, what do I hope to accomplish with my scribblings?  I hope to show people how easy it is get put on the Ballot Cattle Plantation, and how they make it nearly impossible to get off that plantation.  I hope they can see that if they work hard, sacrifice, they can make it on their own and be allowed to think for themselves.  I also hope to help thicken their skin, because their old friends certainly will pillory them for leaving them behind.  If your friends stay on the plantation, that's on them, not on you, for not dragging them with you.

I want people to be free to be what they want, to make money for themselves without some no-good, do-nothing politician or do-gooder stealing it from them.  There is no moral superiority in killing yourself for the sake of someone else to have "a better life".  My life is better without holding up the rest of you.  You are on your own, I am on my own.

I hope to show people the ugliness that is envy and jealousy.  Wanting what someone else has because they earned it, and for the fact that you are unwilling to go out and earn it for yourself is possibly the worst of all human conditions.  The moment you hate someone because they have something that you cannot or will not work to attain, you're wrong. Accepting that is very hard for a lot of people.  Recognizing it and learning to get past it is hard. Realizing that you can have it if you work hard enough and will appreciate it more when it's not handed to you is priceless.  It's easy as hell to be lazy and shiftless.  It's hard to retrench, put things off, and save money to get the things that you want.  You just have to recognize what is most important to you.  Is it important that you get that car or dining room suite that you want?  Or, is it more important to sit back and whine because your neighbor has it and you don't?

Yeah, that's moral superiority.

So, in a nutshell, is I hope to make people see that thinking is good for them. Try it, I swear, the clarity of vision will not blind you to human suffering.  It's easier to see it when you know where it comes from.

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