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Saturday, December 03, 2011


One of the big Seven Sins is Envy.  Envy is defined:

painful or resentful awareness of an advantage enjoyed by another joined with a desire to possess the same advantage

There is also an entire commandment saying "thous shalt not covet" in two of the three Abrahamic religions.  Envy and covetousness are kissing cousins. Or more like an Arkansas wedding, a brother and sister thing.

At the core of the nihilism of the Progressive Liberal and the Occutards is the desire to take away from people who have earned and achieved and give it to themselves, based on their virtue of having done absolutely nothing to achieve or earn anything.  You have something that they want and they want to compel you to give it to them because they whine loudly enough.

Adam Carolla defined it perfectly in a radio rant earlier this week.  He distills the very essence of Progressive Liberalism in less than 10 minutes.  The clarity of his definition of the Occutards is brilliant in it's plain spoken and vulgar language. 

Envy, to hate you because you are able and produce.  Progressive Liberalism is nothing more than wanting what other people have.  They cannot see a successful businessman without thinking that he exploited or stole something to get that way.  Why?  Because they cannot comprehend any other way of doing business, so they assume everyone operates that way.

Who called in the projectionist?

I am a success by my own definition. I work, I pay my bills and I live a life in which I am extremely comfortable and content.  I've had to work hard and overcome many obstacles to get here, but I know that I would have to.  And I appreciate my situation more because of the work I put in to get here.  I earned it, I know I earned it, not one bit of it was handed to me by another.  I've received help from family and friends, but not in the ways that Liberals think helps.  I received support through a sister listening to me rant when I was overwhelmed.  Friends putting up with long periods of communication blackouts because I busy or just understanding when I'd snap at them for diverting my attention away from something I was working on.  My husband has been an enormous help in just keeping things at bay while I did what I do best... thinking.

I worked to get where I am.  I am still working to be where I ultimately want to be.  And anyone who wishes to take what is mine?  I'll protect what's mine.  You can make book on that.

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