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Friday, September 23, 2011

Falling Down

I have just read a post on BigGovernment by Brad Schaeffer. It's about a friend of his who willingly gives money to his deadbeat sibling because he can. And for obviously the need he has to help out someone less fortunate than himself.

This is a mystery to me and obvious some deep failing within my character because I don't just "get" why he does it. If I had given over $300k to a sibling over a ten year period and they came to me demanding more, then tell me that I'm selfish for not giving them more, when they have shown no evidence of ever doing anything for themselves... I would let them fall into destitution and live on the streets before I gave them one more dime.

I will never be held hostage, again, by my virtue or ability. It's a form of emotional slavery and abhorrent to any rational person.

I think my sister put it best, just this morning:

Why, after making stupid mistakes and really poor life choices (like dropping out of school, breeding kids they can't feed or taking drugs) are these idiots "entitled" to pick my pocket to pay for their welfare? Meanwhile, I have to try to pay for my own family's well being and pay my bills after Uncle Sammy plays Robinhood with my paycheck. WTF?

They believe they are entitled to whatever they want by the virtue of their need for whatever strikes their fancy. They don't have to work for it, earn it or eve deserve it, all they have to do is say they need it and we're all supposed to jump up and hand it to them or we're mean, selfish SOBs.


Let your need get it for you, Buddy. Let me know how that works out for you. Because you are off my gravy train. The virtue of my ability to earn a living so that I can get the things I really need and then the things I want, will never, EVER fall victim to your whining, sniveling attempts to steal what you have not earned.

Go stand in a soup line and STFU. Nobody gave you a chance? A chance to what? Sit on your ass watching TV or playing video games all day AND earn a living doing it? Nobody gets that chance Asshat, accept it and move on, keep the line moving. Stop your damned whining before you get punched in that useless head you refuse to use.

Mr Schaeffer's friend need not feel guilty if he decides to cut off the parasitic appendage that screams family when it suits her. He's done this bit for charity and perhaps will figure out it's easier to just donate the money to a worthy charity, perhaps one that expects the people it helps to be useful members of society. At least you're just an anonymous donor and no one will come screaming at your that you need to give them more because they refuse to provide for themselves.

You want to know what makes me truly angry about the story? Because of people exactly like the sister described, I will never help just one person who "needs" it. I will steer them to a charity to which I donate that I know can and will help. Why? Because once I've taught you to fish, I don't want to be handing you bait for the rest of your life, either.

I've had it with baby mommas, baby daddys, old people, young people, lazy people, clueless retards, demanding a piece of my pie. I made the damned pie, it's all mine and no one deserves one atom of it except for me and those I deem worthy enough to eat it. If you have in no way assisted me in making that pie, piss off. I'm getting my eating clothes on.

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