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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

On The Casey Anthony Verdict

She was found Not Guilty of killing her daughter so she could go out partying.

I don't agree with it, based on what I heard and saw, but so be it. Twelve people, good and true, in the State of Floriduh have decided to ignore their knowledge of human behavior and let her off.

Some of the alternate jurors have come forward and said that the Prosecution did not show motive for murder. I say, Casey Anthony showed you motive in everything she did up to and months after her child "went missing". They said the State did not prove how she really died. Does it matter? Dead is Dead. Mommy went partying after until her mommy put paid to her Party Life. Does it really matter exactly how she died? All evidence points to Casey killing her daughter and then dancing away with some guy.

Many have come out with disbelief that Casey Anthony was declared Not Guilty for murder. One of those was Kim Kardashian. Ms. Kardashian's father was one of OJ Simpson's defense team, so there are those in the world who feel she should think and react just as her father might if he were still alive. Really?

So I should be some bleeding heart over-emotive clinging vine unable to do a damned thing for myself because I don't want the responsibility of thought just like my mother? Really?

If the jurors would have stepped away from the CSI episodes for just one moment and picked up a Miss Marple novel, perhaps they would have been able to use their knowledge of human nature to determine, that in all likelihood Casey Anthony is nothing more than a Malignant Narcissist who cares for nothing more than her own pleasure and anything that gets in the way will be ruthlessly culled and thrown away. There is no DNA test for that. No way to fingerprint sociopathy. There is no red letter marking those among us who see us and everyone around them as nothing more than peons to keep them entertained and are to be tossed once they have outlived their usefulness.

You know what told me that? Casey Anthony and the way she glared at the Prosecutors when they brought up her motive for killing her daughter. If you look at her face it's exactly like a small child who is angry when they are pulled from their playing because they didn't pick up their room, or are caught, red handed being naughty and no lie will get them out. If you get a chance, watch the videos of the closing arguments. This is more Lie to Me than CSI, and I present that it tells us far more than forensic evidence ever will as to motive and guilt. Casey Anthony cannot hide the fact that she hates the fact that she's not being made out to be a sympathetic person, but a killer. Who wants to dance with a baby killer?

Not Guilty. Well, twelve people in Floriduh believe it. I don't believe them.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It was interesting that Casey's attorney was proud that he had "saved a life". He is an anti-death penalty guy, which I don't understand at all. So if Casey murders someone else, did he save a life or cause a death?

What happens to Casey long term? Do you think this eats her up? If she in fact is the one who duct taped her daughter's mouth shut it is hard to imagine she has a conscience to be disturbed later. Maybe she is completely pathological.

I often wonder about the long-term affects of wrong behaviour, particularly long-standing wrong behaviour of the type that a person can't tell themselves "I made a mistake". For instance, does a retired prostitute ever feel like a normal person? I know you wrote some pro-prostitution entry on this blog somewhere (which I'm hoping was just due to the book you read, and not a long standing opinion). But my point is, is someone like that redeemable? Or do they become so hardened that nothing can get to them? I mean nothing good can get to them. Maybe some get to a point where God stops calling and then there is no hope.