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Sunday, July 03, 2011

Ogling Orwell

I must admit that at this point in history, I am one "This is so 1984!" muttered by one more ignorant Liberal from hitting a person with a brick.

We are getting ready for our big Block Party we through annually on the 4th. This year we're doing it on the 3rd because of the big fireworks thing downtown tomorrow which is pretty much the only display going on in Central Texas. We never go. I'm not into crowds or heat or sweating.

I've been reading the recent Time magazine story wondering if our Living Constitution is still relevant. Only some aging hippie worrying about their own relevance in the world as they being signing up for Social Security benefits and Medicare would even conceive of that question.

This is the thing, I spent my childhood listening to these moonbats screech about any intrusion of the government into our lives as "1984!" Yet, they are the ones who want the government to decided everything for us, to run everything for us. They wish to live life without the responsibility of thought or... any responsibility at all. They don't want governmental control because they really think Government does a better job than we do running our own lives. They want government control of everything so that any time they screw up they have someone to blame.

"It's wasn't me! It's the one armed bureaucrat!"

I find it hilarious that Time Magazine is asking that question about the very Constitution that gives them the right to print the crap that they do. The only reason I'm not actually laughing is because they don't see it. They can't allow themselves to see it. Because Double-Think, an Orwellian concept, can only take them in one direction with no chance to look behind.

To quote Doc Holliday from the movie Tombstone, "Apparently my hypocrisy only goes so far."

If you ask me, Time Magazine is no longer relevant. In the article to which I refer, they ask the dumbest questions I've yet seen printed.

"Could George Washington speak to the Constitutionality of the Libyan conflict if he didn't know what a drone was?"


Do any of those idiots understand that the Constitution was written in a very broad stroke to preserve the very freedoms we enjoy and that anything that was spelled out was to constrain government.

It's funny that Libs scream fascism, Nazi, and 1984! yet, at the same time want all constraints off the government to run their lives. They are the very illustration of the concept of wanting to eat your cake and have it, too.

The one thing that gladdens me is that I have witnessed that they are coming up to the point where their human minds are beginning to crack. The wall they build between themselves and reality is weakening by the onslaught of the real world and economic realities. You see it all the time in TV interviews, in articles they write for the Op-Ed pages, etc.,.

I feel it's nearly time to grab myself a mint julep and watch heads explode when reality hits and hits hard and those walls all come down. Most of them will be functioning retards as their brains short out from all of the contradictions and conformity forced upon them from years spent hiding from facts and proof and truth.

I hope it's just like Scanners.


Anonymous said...

As always, a fine point.

The irony is, most liberals, despite their desire to be regarded as savvy intellectuals, aren't bright enough to understand the irony of their own Orwellian fetishism.

A delightful double irony that would be laughable if it weren't so fundamentally horrifying.

gcaldwell said...

You are right about your references to 1984. The liberals used all of that during the Reagan years and then when the hypocrisy was identified with global warming, Clinton, Congress and Obama they run hide and call the right the facists.

Oh and yes Time magazine is not relevant.

Anonymous said...

If no one reads Time magazine, will it cease to exist?

Back about 1981 I stopped subscribing and haven't read a copy since. The blood pressure never goes up about what some idiot wrote in Time. Some might call that burrying my head in the sand, but I call it enjoying life.

I also see no point in watching NBC, CBS, ABC, or MSNBC news or tuning in to see what the cows on The View are talking about today.

The internet makes it so easy to know what is going on in the world without having to give fools more time or thought than they deserve.