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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Say Weinergate Without Giggling

The past 10 days have been... something. Weinergate held us all glued to our news feeds. And it saw the "outing" to Middle America of the exact kind of hypocrisy they have been denying is possible by the main stream media. It was so obvious, that when it was all out in the open, they began turning on and eating each other. I cannot think of a bigger spectacle and I watched the Clinton presidency with rapt attention.

Andrew Brietbart who did the yoeman's work here, bore the brunt of accusations of conspiracy to smear and blamed for everything by the liberal media set, including Salon's dumber-than-a-bag-of-hair editor in chief, Joan Walsh, of purposely hacking Anthony Weiner's Twitter account. When it came out that Andrew was correct and just reporting the news as should be done, she turned her attack beasts on Weiner and still went on the talk show rounds naming Breitbart a scoundrel. I'm only amazed that she didn't get whiplash. There is a special room in the asylum for people able to deny reality that well. And yes, Joan, that jacket is straight off the rack.

I think the saddest news in the whole thing came out today with reports that Weiner's wife of less than a year is pregnant. Of course, it was leaked while she was on her way out of the country with her boss, Hillary Clinton. But what was a snarky joke around the water cooler is now something quite sad. It also makes Weiner possibly the most disgusting piece of trash in all of Brooklyn. I feel for his wife intensely. Not only does she have to face the world, married to one of the worst serial cheaters right after Bill Clinton, but she's going to have this squid's child. Something she was probably looking forward to before Memorial Day weekend.

This malignant narcissist is poison to everyone around him. His party leadership is demanding he leave his elected position. More than half of the voters in his district want him out and a special election run to elect someone with, hopefully, better morals than a cat in heat.

This is one of the rare times where I don't want someone I dislike on a cellular level to disappear from the planet. I want him to stay firmly entrenched among the people he cheated and lied to. I want him to witness, forever, the heights of power he once desired, forever barred to him. His personality type is one that will most likely choose to take his own life rather than live with ignominy. And for the first time in my life, I'm really OK with that.


Anonymous said...

I don't feel sorry for Huma. Is she really pregnant or is this another lie for sympathy? She is 34 years old and has been around Hilary and Bill for around 15 years. Do you really think she is naive? Would you have Bill officiate at your wedding? Could you stand working for Hilary or even looking at her on a daily basis?

She is gorgeous. Spitzer's wife was quite attractive, too. Poor beautiful female just got attached to the wrong man.....yeah, right. What was Huma's motivation? Did she want to be the NY mayor's wife? Did she want a cover for her lifestyle?

Why would a muslim marry a Jew? There is so much we don't know. Something I have heard multiple times over the years, even from women, ...especially from women, is how devious women are. I'm through cutting slack for the woman who just happens to marry the extremely rich (Spitzer) man or powerful, or famous man, and then he does her wrong.

Poor little girl, wronged again by the evil male.

Severine said...

Whatever her motivations for marrying Anthony Weiner, Huma must still be utterly humiliated to have this sort of information about HER LIFE out there for everyone to gawk at. And we are all gawking, because it's utterly fascinating. It's like a train wreck, horrifying and spectacular all at that same time.

I'm sure this was not a love match and all signs indicated he was nothing more than a status symbol to her. But it is still humiliating to both of them. For that, I feel sympathy, nothing else.