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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I don't want to go off on a rant, but...

If you can't do your freaking job, then quit that job and get one you can do. I don't need a bunch of mouth breathing retarded monkeys expecting me to hold their hand and do their work for them because they feel they are too important or are too lazy to hire and train people to do the job correctly.

Don't pull me off something you've told me is the top priority to do a new thing that you deem a high priority, then yell and scream because the first thing isn't done.

Don't give me the worst information possible then scream because it's not right. I went with the information YOU gave me. If it's wrong, it's on YOU for not checking your flippin facts. I am NOT your editor.

Don't get butt sore when I tell you to die in a fire.

Don't lie about your ineptitude and try to blame it on me, because baby, I believe in retribution and scorched earth. Not only will I hurt you, I'll hunt down your family and hurt them, too, so that they never, ever trust you again and perhaps clean up the gene pool while I'm at it. Psychic scars don't leave visible marks.

If you can't be arsed to do your job, don't expect other people to put a high priority on doing it either.

But, most of all, don't email me when I'm putting out Fire No. 3,162 of the day to ask me how unbelievably busy I am. Because of you I'm drowning in work I will never finish if I'm not left to do my job.

I need a freakin drink.


Anonymous said...

LOL. A drink. There you go. A drink or aerobic exercise always seems to work for me, singly or in combination.

Maybe a roundtable discussion of favorite beverages might lighten the mood here a bit.


Zalbar said...

Hey Sev, what's happenin'?

Did you get the memo about the new covers on the TPS reports?

See, we're putting new covers on the TPS reports, and I'll just go ahead and make sure get another copy of that memo. If you can remember to put the new cover on your TPS reports that would be greaaaat.

Severine said...

BWAAAAHAHAHAHA! Zal, I love you! Office Space is always good material