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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Don't Breed What You Can't Feed

My sister reminded me of something someone once said to a whining liberal crackpot in response to the Liberal Kneejerk response (this was before 9/11 and the Tea Party) "What about the children?"

Yeah, Libs, what about the children? Do you mean your privileged upper class white-bread Ivy league educated children, or do you even really give a damn about the minds you have enslaved and enured in your potential killing warehouses of despair? You know, the ones you trot out every election cycle when you by them a jungle gym for the play ground they can't use because of all of the drug dealers? Those children.

Are you willing to free them from the bastions of mediocrity in their neighborhoods through the use of parent vouchers to go to decent schools and get a real education instead of the liberal indoctrination factories of failure? The union free schools. Yeah, those ones.

Are you willing to "allow" them to have a future where they are not called Uncle Tom for realizing the freedom that is the Free Market Economy that has nothing to do with Identity Politics?

No? I didn't think so.

Because you know you won't hold them. It's like the old WWI song, "How You Gonna Keep Johnny On The Farm After He's Seen Gay Paree?" Once they see freedom, how on earth will you continue to enslave them and hold them on the plantation of victimization? Because if they aren't victims, then they can stand on their own with no one holding them up artificially. They will know their achievements are their own. And they won't even look your way. Ever.

As for the Baby Mommas and Baby Daddies? What are you going to do once people see personal responsibility as something to be aimed for instead of shucked off like a case of syphilis? What will you do when the teenagers stop squirting out spawn like a Queen Bee so they can get more government cheddar, because they see a better way for them and their children? Because once they understand that getting ahead means getting an education and getting a job instead of getting welfare, and see that they will feel better for it, how are you going to keep them in that concrete play pen? What will Planned Parenthood do once no one goes to them for abortions as their form of birth control? What if parenthood really became something one "planned".

What will happen when Baby Mommas learn that self-esteem comes from standing on your own and isn't something handed out at the welfare office? What happens when they learn that sleeping around will never bring them the love they crave? What happens when they discover that love of self is the first step in loving others, including any children they may want to have?

Who can pretend to be the victim then?

What about those children that we want to be self-confident, productive members of society that will never learn those two concepts in the pit of horror that is the welfare system?

What about the children who receive a real education, and grow up to provide for themselves and perhaps, if they are so motivated, others who will work for them and be productive?

Does it really matter? You'll just call them Uncle Tom. And you'll be right. Because Uncle Tom was virtuous. And, folks like the Progressive Liberals will never, ever see rational self-interest as a virtue.

So, who is really for the children?


Lisa Milk-Chocolate said...
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Lisa Milk-Chocolate said...

Indeed, dear sister,  the welfare system "safety net" has become the "hammock" that multi generations of families have rested their laurels upon ... permanently.  Pay attention at the grocery store, no matter race, creed, color or sex, food stamp users (now brilliantly offered their gov't cheese via a visa debit card to remove the stigma ... Gasp!) NEVER use coupons, buy store or generic brands and there is usually a high volume of soda and junk food.  
What really pisses me off is when the food stamp user is sporting designer jeans, shoes and a full set of acrylic nails who demands carry out service and then if you see them in the parking lot, they are driving very expensive car with rims that cost more than my entire minivan.
Totally chaps my ass that food stamps can be used to buy junk food, designer cakes from the bakery and candy bars. One would think that the beggar would be thankful for the handout from the tax payers and be very frugal and responsible with this grocery money they neither worked for nor will be required if (ha ha ha ... If?) they actually do manage to get off their lazy ass and get a real job.

Severine said...

Well said. I've ranted here about the welfare entitlement mindset that is so rampant today. Someone needs to slap these people in their rancid faces and not stop until they get a job.