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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Take The Test

While watching the latest in fun news over at NewsBusters, I got a brilliant idea. Yeah, every now and again I get an attack of "The Clevers".

The Lachrymose Liberals are always whining about how we're hurting "Mother Earth" and how Gaia is weeping for pollution of her embodiment. Now I hear that bees and ants have "Human Rights"? Please.

This is a challenge for every single Global Warming Idiot out there, yes, I mean you, Al Gore. Since you hold sham science up as your religion, that I am to take on faith since you can't stand in the light of peer review... Since you hold up insects, dirt and rock to be sentient and of having thought, emotions and logic... I propose to prove that sentience using your own science to do it.

Make Mother Earth pass a Turing Test.

Now, before you get all butt sore and start screaming how Mother Earth is not a machine with artificial intelligence, all I am asking for is the chance for you to prove it. Prove that she's not a machine or a ball of rocks and fire and dirt with no intelligence behind her. Let's say she has a brain with reason and logic and emotions. Prove to me by passing a simple test. Come on, she can do it, right?

Surely she can, right? I mean you say that she's sending storms and natural disasters to show her anger at man made global warming and pollution. So here is her chance to show us all how wrong we are when we drill for oil or forget to throw a cigarette butt in the ashtray and just stomp on it in the precious dirt she provides us. Certainly you jump at the chance to show me, your biggest skeptic how alive Mother Earth is.

Because if she can't pass it, I'll have to presume she's nothing more than a rock with a molten core of iron, spinning, unaware, uncaring, and unaffected by my being whatsoever. If she can't pass it, I can only determine that she is an uncaring, inanimate object that we just happen to live on and will thus steward her treasure accordingly. Because I've seen that there is nothing messier than a bunch of outraged Libs at a get together. And I have the photographic proof of it. Where is yours that Earth is A) a woman, and B) that if she is, she even cares what you feel, think or do?

To quote Missouri, show me.


Zalbar said...

Well I'll have to agree with you, for once, mostly.

However, it could conceivably be argued that the earth does have intelligence. More to the fact that it is a collective concept of facsimile of intelligence defined within the scope of the entirety of the living creatures upon the earth. The concept of gaia as a seperate entity however is completely false.

As to the entire global warming theories, I'll have to admit that yes the planet is warming but nothing that we need to concern ourselves with as a crisis of the moment. We should be willing to be green for our own health, welfare, and benefit and not because of some misconstrued notion that we are somehow destroying the planet. That idea is laughable.


Severine said...

You still make me laugh after all these years.