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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Post State of the Union Thoughts

First off, crickets were often heard last night. Not a lot of cheerleading coming from Nancy Legosi and Harry Reid considering their losses last November.

Last night's speech was Obama's interpretation of Ronald Reagan. The ONLY thing he didn't drag out from a Reagan speech was the "shining city on the hill" and that's only because I think it is a Biblical allusion and Barry ain't about that.

He made like he was moving to center as Clinton did in '94... it was '94, right? That time of my life was wrought with small children and a too active life. The early 90's are all a blur of minivans and sports practice. However, I found the entire teleprompter reading to be dry, uninspiring and frankly, condescending. Why does every damned do-gooder, liberal politician assume that I, and the rest of my fellow Americans are altruistic? Self-Interest, mofo. It's a phrase. Look it up.

It is in my rational self-interest to cut government spending, get rid of all the ridiculous regulation, rid ourselves of the income tax, abolish public schooling, and phase out Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. No more sucking on the government teat. If you insist on unemployment, then I will insist that you pay it back once you have a job. Now, how likely are you to sit on your couch watching Jerry Springer and eating Ho-Ho's instead of beating the street looking for any job you can get? You don't want to take a $9 an hour job waving a flag at a construction site? Fine. Sign up for Unemployment. Oh, since you waived the job, you can't have it, because if you need work, even $9 an hour is better than unemployment.

Now, all of the above is what I consider to be in MY self-interest. These are things that I know, not think, KNOW will make MY life better. If they make your life better as well, so much the better. If they don't make the life of the baby mama, living on the public teat, squirting out one illegitimate child after the other, then fine. Hate me. I don't care what irresponsible people think. Perhaps you won't be so happy to spread your legs for every man you meet if you know the end result of riding bareback are on YOUR dime and not mine.

It's always easier spending other people's money. However, it's not in my rational self-interest to let some plastic surgery freak of nature in Washington take my money and then decide how much of MY money she's going to allow me to keep. I earn the money, it's MINE not some politicians to throw at ballot cattle to buy their vote.

It is in my best interest to bring down the cost of things by ending ridiculous regulations, their governing agencies and bureaus. I think of all of those lazy, stupid bureaucrats out looking for real jobs and I keep myself very happy. Even in these dark hours or Progressive Liberalism. If I get to keep all of the money I earn, and spend it on what I see fit to buy, then the sales taxes support the government I depend on only to defend this country I live in and so many people benefit from my purchases from the sales clerk at the store to the Big Corporations that produce the things I want to buy. Prices go down everywhere because Free Markets lead to innovation so the price of things stay low to compete.

If you are reading this and don't grasp that concept, please let me introduce you to books by Milton Friedman. Trickle Down Economics DOES work, it's a proven point. Keynesian economics don't, they never have. This has also been proven. Why the morons keep trying it is only a sign of how insane they really are.

Green energy. Another proven failure you keep trying to shove down my throat. I would like to introduce a bill in Congress that will make it legal to shove a tree up the ass of anyone who insists we go green on everything. Until they turn green and then hopefully die.

You know what really makes me giggle? All of the trees killed to print out the monster bills they have tried to shove through Congress trying to hide the pork they write in them. My suggestion is this. We get to take one welfare recipient for every page of any given bill and put them to work in the crap jobs no one will do, not even illegals. A thousand here, a thousand there and pretty soon you have 0% unemployment. They can't call it slave labor because they will be paid. If they want to be paid more they will have to get education, manners, and a respectful manner of speaking to their betters.

In my world there are betters. However, I don't consider many people that. At the most you may be on a par with me. You have to really excel for me to see you as better than I am. Most don't make that cut. Am I wrong? I could be, but I have a healthy bit of self-confidence so if I am, I don't need to file a law suit or cry on YouTube because of it. I'll leave that to Dennis Kucinich and the rest of his liberal ilk.

You know what an ilk is, don't you? Hint: It's not a really big deer.

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