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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

On Barry's Educational Opinion

In last night's State of the Union Address, Obama said that our children should be enrolled in school earlier and stay in school longer than they do now?

Oh, really, Barry? So they can be more indoctrinated by your sycophantic Teacher's Unions than they already are? I think not you presumptuous wretch.

I don't think you do hear us, Barry. Or, if you do hear us, you just don't get it. Either way, you're not listening. Our children do not need to be in the fists of your re-education gulags for one more second. You progressive liberals are all screaming "but what about the children?" and "do it for the children" to everything any capitalist speaks about.

Have you seen the state of the schools, Barry? I notice your precious little snowflakes go to a very upscale private school. They, uhm... they don't have a Teacher's Union, do they, Barry? I bet every child who comes out of Sidwell knows how to read, write and at least do long division. Right, Barry? So why isn't that good enough for the baby mama who thought you were going to pay her mortgage and car payment once you were elected? Are you afraid that if they learn to read and reason that they will see how malignant you and your buddies are and will sotp voting you vermin in to office? Could that possibly be at the very center of why you idiots keep pushing public schools down our throats?

In the words of Lily Allen, I'm on the right track, I'm on to a winner. (Score bonus points for using the darling of the Left for Conservative purposes)

I mean, you guys are always dragging out some ghetto "inspiration" story every election cycle, but that's not what you want. You need for them to stay on the Plantation. You need for them to keep pulling the Democratic Straight Party ticket switch every time they get out of the projects long enough to vote how you tell them. If they learn to read, write and reason, then they won't be likely to do that.

That is why they don't even bother teaching in inner city schools. That's why they tear out all curriculum in suburban schools that would possibly teach critical thinking.

They realized long before we did that they had control through education. Just as long as it's their agenda being educated. That's why they don't teach them to argue.

They really do hate their wife.

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