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Friday, December 24, 2010

Wee Hours Inspiration

It's amazing how a few nights with good sleep can clear out all the cobwebs from your mental works. I awoke at 5:30 this morning with a fresh idea in my head. It's resounding and careening around my newly dusted head, begging, nay, demanding to be immortalized in my blog. Yeah, I know, all of my tens of readers are DYING to know what goes on in my head while I sleep.

When we are in school we are taught about our Constitution and how it is supposed to work. (Yes, I had that dream about being in Mr. Ellis' government class again where I forgot to study for the Bill of Rights exam.../shiver) I can see why people teach. It appears to be to crush the hopes and dreams of all young hope. Because just as soon as we're told that we can do something, an older, wiser instructor type is standing there shaking their head going, "But you can't undo it." We argue, we rail, we gnash our teeth, but the message sticks. Don't even try, because the world will be against you.

To quote Westley the Farm Boy in Princess Bride, "You only say that because nobody ever has."

We are taught this lesson when we learn how a bill gets made into a law. We learn that repeal is possible, and has happened, but, can NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN BECAUSE IT'S TOO HARD!

Well, Bubba, I'm here to tell ya, it can happen, has happened, and WILL happen again.

First, get that abortion of legislation popularly known as Obamacare ripped out of Congress, the national psyche and forever etched on a long list of very bad ideas.

Second, start booting poor performing states from The Union (People's Republic of California, I'm lookin' at you) and then have annual benchmarks they have to meet to stay in The Union. Get too touchy feely and we boot you out. You don't want to meet the mark, then you're on your own. Let's see how well you do with less people to rob for your enforced plantation work.

Then get rid of Public Education. Next, get rid of most of the lawyers through tort reform and no pay for public defenders. Everyone is entitled to a defense. No one said gubmint had to pay for it. Look at your copy of the constitution. I defy you to find where it says, specifically, in our constitution that we have to foot that bill. It says everyone is entitled to a defense, it doesn't say that others have to pay for your bad. Bring that argument on, baby. I'm prepared to beat you down with your own poor premise.

Next, get rid of Income Tax, got for a VAT (no income tax taken out of your paycheck, no Social Security, no Medicare taken out of your check... take home pay becomes less painful to think about) With that done you can fire half of the IRS employees. The other half will be allowed to keep their jobs to collect the VAT from the people who collect it when selling something. In fact, make an income tax illegal. Repeal happened with The Volstead act, mofo, it CAN and WILL happen again.

Get rid of the FCC, the EPA, and various and sundry other government agencies and departments... cut the size of the cabinet in half, millions of shiftless, useless DMV people looking for a way to make a living will suddenly have personality transplants if they want to eat and stay out of the rain.

This was the Utopia going on in my brain when I woke up. So move on over all you other dreamers, I now have a goal and it doesn't include anyone named Pelosi.

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