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Friday, December 24, 2010

The Death of Feminism

And I'm not the only one cheering.

Considering that so-called feminists have refused to stand up for Roman Polansky's rape victim, Sarah Palin, women oppressed under Islam and Taliban rule, uhm, what else? Oh yeah, Christine O'Donnell, and any other Conservative Tea Bagging woman who flew "beneath" their radar.

Let me tell you the main reason I despise feminists, or Modern Feminists, it has everything to do with wanting it all. They don't want to be equal with men, they want to be Lord Goddess Mistress of Men. They want to hold the whip. They want to use it. A lot.

Modern Feminists are nothing more than Nazis with bad fashion choices. I know, I'm hardly one to speak. My wardrobe of choice is limited to fleece sweats and a World Cup t-shirt. However, I look like a beauty contestant compared to the Lesbian Pigs In Lipstick at NOW. Trust me, there is nothing uglier than a militant lesbian who is ready to be insulted by the fact that men breathe. I've seen these bitches in action.

Now, being ugly is not their biggest crime. No, you know what the biggest crime is on my planet. They are the universe's biggest hypocrites. They very much wish to eat their cake and have it, too. Nuh-uh sister girl. Oh no, baby. You are going to live by the standards you are forcing down everyone else's throats. See if I don't make you. You want abortion on demand? We'll go back in time and start with your mom. You think that oversexualizing young girls proves their feminism? You honestly think that making girls into whores makes them more feminine? Look up the word, cunt, see if it sinks in.

English, mofo, do you speak it?

Being sexually active and promiscuous doesn't make you more powerful, it doesn't make you wiser or better. I just leaves you empty with no self-esteem. So, my sisters, STFU and back slowly away from another generation you want to ruin. Learning to co-exist with people you don't always agree with builds character, not Division IX.

I honestly feel like going out and slapping the next "Womens Studies" bitch I meet up at Baylor. I'll stop wanting to do that when they have a "Mens Studies" department. Stupid bitches.

How can I be disdainful of my own sex? Do I want us all back in corsets addressing our husbands as our lord and master? Oh, hell, no. However, I don't see being the Slave Master as equality, I see it as another reason to slap you people back under the rock you crawled out from. Shouldn't you head cases be in a closet somewhere cutting yourself? Jesus, just let me know when the job is done so I can spread your ashes over the men's urinal at Giant Stadium.

I'm just sayin'.

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