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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Next To The Final Solution... For Politicians

It is without precedent that outgoing congressmen seek to ensure that their politics and policies are push down the throats of the voters who ousted them. The Dems put forth their 1.1 TRILLION spending bill with only 6,488 earmarks giving our tax dollars away to everyone from "artists" pissing anything religious and calling it art to someone counting cow farts in Montana.

I have spent most of the day listening to pundits and talk show hosts rail against the bill, rail against the liberals who refuse to give up their fight, and mostly against the Republican conservatives who refuse to stand up for ANYTHING slightly resembling fiscal responsibility. They are selling our future, our children's future and our grand-children's future down the river because they absolutely refuse to face reality and the fact that their policies don't work and never have. They keep hoping that by calling it something else that we'll all be fooled and they can get it by us this one time.

Remember what I wrote all those months ago about the line in the sand. When we say THIS FAR! NO FURTHER! We need to push them back, waaaaaay the hell back. And I will be the one to say this, I think blood needs to be shed. I know it will be, I just want it to be all on their side. I am more than willing to win by attrition because no one wants to face reality. I'm a fighter, I believe in fighting, and more than that, I believe in winning. Not by any means, but I am more than willing to be a sneaky bastard if needs be. I will drink their milkshake.

So, in the hopes that I can divert enough power into the forward deflector dish and concentrate a tachyon beam and bring down the cloaking device of the Romulan bird of prey...

Until I can find a way to give myself the mutant power to create tornadoes with a thought, we will just have to settle this thing the old fashioned way...

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