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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ballot Cattle Redux

I was in my car the other day, driving somewhere, I can't remember, and I heard Rush Limbaugh begin to talk about the real racism of Liberals.  For once I agreed completely with Rush Limbaugh.  He railed at Affirmative Action, something I could see, even as a child, was ruinous to women and minorities.  Quotas have never helped anything, anywhere, in any realm of existence.  Just ask Title IX coaches at universities.

In the late 80's I noticed that I hated feminists.  Not in the sense that I disagreed with their philosophy, that was a given, but I detested the hypocrisy of there message to the "girls" they were trying to "empower".  They had told us in the 70's and 80's that unless "The Man" gave in to quotas in hiring and college entrance, then we really could not be anything.  Because obviously we weren't smart enough or able enough to get it on our own.  That was when I'd noticed that NOW, the National Organization for Women had really become all about Ugly Lesbians with Unfortunate Fashion Choices.  It doesn't flow like, NOW, so they never bothered to change it.  I wrote many a Letter to the Editor and scathing letters to their national fund raising apparatus attacking their "high minded" ideas.  I showed that they didn't want equality, they wanted to overpower and extinguish men.

Now I bring us to the NAACP and LULAC.  Any organization that tells you that you need something from the Government should be shut down immediately by the Logic Police and all adherents shot in to space on a rocket headed for the sun with no life support on board.  I have to say this, a black man getting up and telling other black men that they need welfare, medicaid, government housing and patronage has got to be the sell job of the century.  Because what he is telling them is that they are not good enough, not smart enough and they will NEVER make it unless they allow the Dems to hand them everything, destroy their sense of worth and self-esteem for a lever pull every election.

Clarence Thomas was the first black I had ever seen publicly disdain Affirmative Action.  For that alone I cheered his nomination to The Supremes.  Reading his decisions and writings on other cases cemented my respect for the man.  I remember being so angry at the Dems during his confirmation hearing that I had dreams of being a Valkyrie and using a Flaming Sword of Justice to decapitate them and Anita "I'm A Big Fat Liar" Hill.  Those were heady dreams.

I don't think anyone understands how awful it is to live in public housing, eating government cheese, knowing that they lie when they tell you they will get you out of there.  They can't have you leaving your plantation and you know that you have traded one type of slavery for another.  When the leaders you look up to to save you keep telling you that they really ARE helping you and will get you out of there and all you have to do is keep pulling that lever the first Tuesday in November, it should make you murderous.  I admire all of those who fight to get out and never go back and never swallow that BS again.  I despise those inured to the torture and soul killing hell of their daily existence, and keep holding the hand that is holding them down.

You want to overthrow your "Oppressors"?  Punch out the next NAACP or Community Organizer who comes around telling you that they really are helping.  Then get a job and get out.  Nuke that plantation from orbit.  It's the only way to be sure.

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