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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Weekend Miscellany

I have finally paid off my sleep deficit from the past 3 years. Being able to sleep on my stomach, as God intended, has let me pay into that in spades in the past few weeks. As I do most weekend mornings, I take a closer look into the news I've only had time to glance at during the week. I am always surprised by the sheer idiocy exhibited by most of the media. I have been a life-long news and political junkie so to say I'm surprised lately, is really saying something.

From John Stewart's appearance on MadCow's "show" and let's face it, there is more comedy gold in most of her broadcasts than the Carol Burnett Show in its heyday, to Dennis Miller's appearance on Leno on Veteran's Day, it's been a really good week for Americans. I don't consider Progressive Liberals Americans. I consider them disenfranchised Soviets and we should seriously consider sending them all to Cuba in a leaky boat, sort of like a Mariel Boatlift in reverse. Instead of sending them madmen and criminals... wait, I was wrong, we would be sending them the same thing they sent us.

I'm working on the book this weekend, as well as catching up on some knitting for the holidays. Who ever said the creative process was difficult was smoking something. I have so many ideas to go into the book that I know it can't possibly contain it all. I'm thinking of a series of books, sort of like Bill Whittle's "What We Believe" series over at Declaration Entertainment. Perhaps I should present an outline of my idea of a companion thing... I dunno, he doesn't know me from Adam and he might consider my idea a little upstartish. Screw that, BOLD STEPS!

Anyhoo, I am researching how to disenfranchise the Peoples Republic of California even further. Where the hell is Lex Luther when you need him? I want those granola eaters out and living in their own private Idaho, so they can see the utter failure of all of their ideas. I want the world to watch as they eat themselves and nothing is left but a dried up shell of the Progressive Liberal agenda so that IT NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN ON MY PLANET. It's the only way to ensure that they never are given voice again in the future. We need to be able to identify them in the wild, sedate them, tag them, and put them on an island where they can live by their philosophy, or not. But they must never again be given any sort of legitimacy. Liberalism is a mental disease in which you deny everything you see, hear and experience in deference to the voices in your head telling you that you are right. Insanity was once defined as trying the same thing over and again expecting different results. What is that if not Liberalism? Their policies have never, ever worked in the entire known history of man.

Well, I'm loading up a playlist on my iPod that should ensure I stay stoked for writing. Or I could just go watch the shows I've recorded the past month and haven't watched. Are House and Cuddy still together?

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