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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Not Far Enough

In an article this week, The Christian Science Monitor makes some good points in their reporting. However, I don't like their use of their word sacrifice. A sacrifice is something noble. What is needed here is for Progressive Liberal, fat-assed, entitlement-minded politicos to DO THE RIGHT DAMNED THING.

As we all know, that will hurt them more than anything else. They will sacrifice their right to elected seats of office, tenure, pensions, free health care at our expense, and all of the power mongering that they do to hide from themselves what their ultimate goal really is.

Yes, Senator Simpson and his committee have made a good start, but it's NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Let me show you how really simple it is if you don't sit around wetting your pants about what some jack-wagon in the ghetto is going to be crying about.

1. Cut Welfare, ALL OF IT, now. Food Stamps, public housing government cheese. Everything. You reduces hundreds of thousands of bureaucrats and government workers getting paid by our tax dollars to hand out stuff to people who haven't earned anything.
2. Repeal Income Tax and Obamacare. Instate a national sales tax on EVERYTHING. You Get rid of most of the IRS employees, and just rake in the tax money monthly from the states who will be your tax collectors. And no, you can have your sales tax or your income tax, but you can't have both. I have picked the one that makes the most sense and is the easiest to implement.
3. Enact term limits, make it a freakin Constitutional Amendment, effective the moment it's ratified by the states. Any president who refuses to sign it can kiss his political ass goodbye. Yeah, I'm feisty tonight. Sue me. No, really. Try it.
4. Stop all funding of everything that is not directly tied to the defense of These United States. NPR, kiss it. NEA, suck it, and San Francisco... you won't matter much longer, so who cares?
5. Boot The Peoples Republic of California from the Union. Make sure they understand that they can buy things from us, but only cash money, legal tender will do, and BTW, we shoot illegal aliens at the Border from now on. See above about protecting our nation, not Nancy Legosi.
6. End public education. The government should not be in the business of education the children of any nation, that only leans to politics entering education, and that's not the role of educators. You will save even more money on your property taxes and not being nickle and dimed to death by people hell bent on telling you that they know how to parent your children better than you. Send your kids to private schools with the money or hire tutors if you're too stupid or lazy to do it yourself. Don't look at me in that tone of voice. You are either too stupid to teach your children or you are too lazy. There are not other choices. You pick which you want to be. If you're too stupid to learn, then you hire tutors, but they are merely teaching your child what they need to do to think for themselves. They are not raising your child for you. Deal.
7. End all useless, stupid regulation. You free up hundreds of thousands of bureaucrats who will now be available to find jobs in the food service industry in the event they learned nothing in their years of pushing papers and earning a living off of the taxpayer and big business. More business, more jobs. Let the market decide if someone's dirty, then let the market squash them like rotten banana peels under the heel of a rioting English college student who suddenly realizes that education costs money and that you cannot live at school forever.
8. Boot the UN out of the US, stop paying money to them. End of discussion.
9. Stop helping nations that don't and won't ever help us back. Private charity does quite well in these situations.
10. Show the Libs true Darwinian processes. Survival of the Fittest means just that, Crybaby. The end isn't guaranteed, and you get no trophy for just showing up. I will crush you. Why? Because I hate all you stand for and I realize that the only way to have my way is to get rid of you and everyone just like you.
11. Tort reform and loser pays. That will free up our courts from the likes of Gloria Allred. Enough Said.
12. Offer all insurance across state lines. FREE MARKET. Learn what it means. Ask your cronies.

This is a good start. Just a start. I want to clean house completely. Get rid of tons of bureaucracies, departments, agencies, etc. What will they do when they have to get real jobs? My guess is, really work for a living instead of just pretending, then collecting a rich pension for a few years work.

Now... where did I put my red pencil?

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