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Thursday, September 02, 2010

So, Anyway...

You know, I think watching Bill Whittle's rant against Barry's backhanded compliments to Dubya and our Troops made me strain a muscle or perhaps caused nerve damage, because I've been outraged ever since.

Let me 'splain.

I love that Americans are finally waking up to the fact that they have slept and let their liberties be taken away. Not only with their implied consent by electing the same assholes they knew were bad fish over and over again, but going on autopilot and allowing the "Ruling Class" to totally cement itself in DC. At this point you should just grease yourself, bend over and grab your ankles. And, know that you deserve ever bit of the pain that is coming.

Freakin' second-handers, jumping on a bandwagon with no more idea as to where it's going than a Lemming.

Now that I have vented that volcano of rage, let me tell you what else is chapping my ass. Barry's freakin' "Justice" Department that thinks that our soldiers fighting for democracy and the right to vote, will not have their votes count because they do NOTHING to make sure the states have their ballots to our troops overseas in time for the Troops to vote and get the ballots back in time.

Close your eyes, but YOU F$CKERS!

Neither one of my boys went over there and fought so that the Iraqis would have the right to vote for their leaders only to be denied that same right by the government that sent them over there. You sons of bitches! Eric Holder, I hold YOU personally responsible, and God help me, I will find you in a dark alley one day and beat the holy living crap out of you. Oh and you know what? The cops won't care because it won't be a black man beating you up. A white woman will kick your ASS, and make sure you have no hands to ever pull a voting lever again.


Barry and his house of clowns have made their last slap at our proud fighting men and women who feel a higher calling in life than sitting in DC telling everyone they're too damned stupid to run their own lives. I was not angry until now, not really. Now my anger is like an lightning strike in the brush in a dry forest. It will join the fire that burns within Bill Whittle, and many others like him who have spent the past 20 years watching the somnambulant public shuffle along, doing NOTHING to prevent this from happening. Now you wake up when you realize where they have led you and you blindly followed, nodding and okaying everything they've done.

You know what, you can deride hard working people who just try to make a better life for themselves and their kids. But I will be damned if I sit by while you treat our fighting men and women like felons and deny them their HARD WON RIGHT TO VOTE.

You ain't seen nothing yet. Next I try to help Joe Arpaio against Eric Holder's "Justice" Department.

It's justice for ALL, f$cktard. Not just black people who want to beat up white voters. I am so damned ready to take over this rock. You truly have no idea.

1 comment:

Mark Richter said...

Our Government is afraid of letting or soldiers vote, because the soldiers seem to be ALOT more pissed at the government, than ever before.

They know, that if our military men and women's vote over there is counted, the current government is doomed to extinction.