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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Momma Gubmint Is a Drug Pusher

So says Pawlenty. And he makes the analogy that my mind just could not. He states his case well. Observe.

Think of all the illegal immigrants they entice in with the welfare, Medicaid and and gubmint cheddah.

Here, have a taste. Come on, it's so good.

Think of the ballot cattle mired in their Project Pastures.

Yo, Gubmint, I'm feeling sick... I just need a hit... take the edge off...

And there is Congress with the big teat out there, drawing them in to dependence and some kind of mass hypnosis. That is why there has never been a Democratic push to fight drug abuse. All of their programs keep people strung out. They want you dependent on the tax payer funded methadone of welfare. Because they know once you are on it, you will be hooked and you will never get off. Why should you? Momma Gubmints taking care of everything for you? All you have to do is whore yourself for vote for them every election cycle. But Momma's gonna take care of you.

What really kills me is to listen to the ignorant rhetoric of Black Theology. Supposedly conservatives have "made" blacks addicted to crack, and meth and we gave them AIDS in some CIA operation to eliminate the Black Man. Get the hell over yourself, Jeremiah Wright. The Progressive liberals want you under control and what better way to keep you on the plantation and dependent than allow you to abuse drugs? Keeps you quiet and happy in the Project Pastures where you might otherwise wake up one day and realize what they are doing to you.

Obama, someone should have warned you that pimpin' ain't easy.

1 comment:

Mark Richter said...

Once a person gets on Welfare, Food Stamps, etc. The Government makes it nigh to impossible to get off. They actually penalize you for trying to make a better living for yourself.
Even outside of the 'dependency' of Welfare, the more you try to succeed, the more the government wants to take away from you.
Welfare is a government drug, once you on it, they feed you just enough to require you to stay on it, making you vote for them so you can keep getting the bare minimum to sustain your existence.
How is that 'living'?