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Friday, September 10, 2010

He Doesn't Really Hate His Wife

I was watching Evan Sayet's speech to a Heritage Foundation group in 2007. I think that he explains the conservative awakening the best. He says it's like being at lunch with a good friend and he's whining and bitching about his wife, and he says he hates her. You smile and say, he doesn't really hate his wife. You look out the window of the restaurant and you see his wife. She's being beat up by some guys. You grab your friend and yell, "We have to go save your wife! Some guys are beating her up!" Your friend sits back down and says, 'Nah, she probably deserved it."

And that's when you realize, he really does hate his wife.

When we heard Ward Churchill and his ilk saying that over 3000 Americans died "because we deserved it" we realized, they really do hate America.

Yes, they really do.

This September 11th I wander through my thoughts about that day. I remember my horror and shock. I remember the sick dread in my stomach. I knew it was going to be Mohammedan extremists. I also knew what the reaction from Liberal America would be. However, in my imagination, I could not allow myself to really sink to the levels of degradation and self-loathing that the Left has gleefully jumped into, feet first.

My first response is the typical one. I want to go to the person they love the most, murder them in full view of God and everyone, and then tell them, that they deserved it. Then insist on building a shrine on the place where I killed their loved one, demanding my religious rights and freedoms, even as I lobby to eradicate theirs. Pay back is fair play. Right? I mean, they deserved it, just as we deserved it. Right? RIGHT?

Gandhi was right, and eye for an eye just makes the whole world blind. I agree with him on that point. But it is our first reaction to outrage. We want to lash out. Why? Because it strikes at our very hearts, what we hold most dear. Our natural reaction is to hurt the thing or person that has just hurt us. Monkeys do it, and it is probably a remnant of our primitive limbic brain that is tickled by the electrical impulses that cause this reaction.

Most of us can rope and hogtie this emotion before we cut loose and actually mow down the parents of some kid with a beard and a head full of stupid ideas. And then our reaction turns to Why? Why would they do/say that? Why do they want to hurt me like that?

Because they hate. Liberals, with all of the talk of love, flowers and unicorn farts, are the biggest haters in the world. They literally hate everything. They hate themselves, others, the world. Again, we ask why? Why do they hate?

Because they are cowards. They live lives in fear of everything and everyone around them. Who knows why? Less than that, who the hell cares? Don't try to change the world into some great big pantywaist utopia because you wet our pants when a big kid walked past you on the playground in first grade. You can't measure up? Butch the hell up. The world will not change, human nature will not change because you think mediocrity is a measure by which you will no longer be bullied.

Why? Because people like I exist in this world. Always have. Always will. And we will always seek to eradicate the weak amongst us. Survival of the fittest, baby, isn't that the secular humanist God? Evolution? Suddenly it's not so attractive is it?

So go ahead and really hate your wife. People like me are willing to go save her and then beat your ass for allowing that to happen to her.

America didn't and doesn't deserve it. We are the best system EVER created on this rock and we're still the place everyone seeks to come. I won't let YOU change it. I won't let you win. I will fight to my dying breath to keep this country from slipping into the gruel you wish to drown us all in because you want to take yourself out. Suicide by cowardice. To quote Cypress Hill, I ain't goin' out like that.

No, I ain't goin' out like that.

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